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    37 PPK Officers Died, Provincial Government Will Give Award


    BANDUNG - Although the implementation of the 2019 Election in West Java is considered safe and smooth. But leaving grief with the death of 37 District Voter Committee Officers (PPK).

    The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil said the Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java will give an immediate award to the families of the victims in the Sate Bandung building on Tuesday (4/23/2019).

    Emil, the West Java Governor, said that in general the 2019 General Election was running smoothly and conducively. Even seeing the implementation of the 2018 Pilgub became a reference in the implementation of the 2019 Presidential Election and Pileg in West Java.

    "In general, the record of smooth and conditional Election record Alhamdulillah was successfully shown in West Java like the previous Pilgub. On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, thank you for your hard work," he explained to reporters at the West Java Police Headquarters on Monday (4/22/2019)

    "On the other hand we also heard the sad news, 37 officers on duty at the polling station died of health reasons but had something to do with election activities plus 2 died from the police. Tomorrow we will invite the deceased family to the satay building to be rewarded," he said

    With regard to the results of the 2019 Election calculation, Emil appealed to the community to comply with the provisions stipulated by the General Election Commission in May 2019. If there is a discrepancy, it will be submitted through the applicable mechanism.

    "Whatever results we receive, if there is a lack of a court mechanism, all instruments have been agreed upon, but whatever we leave it to those who are responsible," he said

    The Governor of West Java also appealed to the people of West Java to be productive again and not take action that caused conflict. Moreover, posting news or negative information on social media.

    "West Java residents focus on returning to productive things to encourage each other not to divide again with unnecessary opinions with political posts related to the presidential election, but post things that are encouraging," he said.

    In line with the West Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Agung Budo Maryoto added that the community did not need to mobilize the masses. If there is a discrepancy with the results of the election, it can be submitted through an applicable legal process, namely through a court.

    He also appealed to the public to maintain harmony, peace in people's lives.

    "It is not permissible to mobilize the masses! Earlier the governor said that if there are problems related to the election, there is a correct legal mechanism in the Act. Let's wait, we have to be friends again, fun again, everything must be like before the election this is hope, and has been proven in the West Java regional election, "he concluded .jo

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