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    Governor: PPDB in West Java Participates in Permendikbud with Adjustments in the Field


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated, the technical guidelines for implementing New Student Admission (PPBD) 2019/2020 for Senior High Schools / Vocational Schools in West Java, will follow the Ministry of Education and Culture Regulation No. 51 of 2018 concerning PPDB 2019/2020 academic year .

    In the Minister of Education and Culture, it was stated that this year of the 100 percent PPDB quota, 90 percent was for regional or zoning routes. While the other 5 percent for the achievement path and 5 percent for transfer students from outside the city. According to the Governor, the 90 percent zoning is adjusted to conditions in each region.

    "We follow the rules of 90% zoning but of course with local translations that are not the same as other regions in Indonesia, how to calculate distance and so on," he said, met after Rapim in Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday 22/04/2019).

    Emil, as the governor said, said that in the PPDB process in West Java it should not hurt the sense of justice. Do not let any student who is refused to register, whether accepted or not at the school depends on the results of the selection. According to him, the regulation was adjusted to conditions in the field.

    "We follow all directives and studies from the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Home Affairs, we only translate into justice at the local level. Do not let justice be harmed," he said.

    For this reason, he ordered the West Java Education Agency to simulate the implementation of PPDB to the regions. Besides that, it is also important to disseminate information to the public regarding the terms and conditions for implementing PPDB, which registration will open from May 2019.

    "The most important thing is the initialization, from my experience there are many who are angry and demo because actually he did not read the regulation, so the socialization will be very important," he said.

    The Governor appointed West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa as chairman of the implementation of PPDB in West Java. According to him, PPDB has a complex that is very detailed and involves various fields not only the education office.

    "PPDB, from now on, is the source of information in the District Secretary. This is because the complexity is very detailed and in this PPDB there is an Inspectorate of BKD and other fields not only the Disdik domain," he said.

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