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    Monitor Railroad Prone Points


    BANDUNG - Dozens of officers including Alert Material Equipment (Amus) have been prepared to anticipate the possibility of obstacles to train travel caused by land movements and flooding in the run-up to Lebaran 2019 transportation, especially during the current rainy season.

    Executive Vice President of PT KAI in Operational Area 2 Bandung, Saridal said, in anticipation of the rainy season, his party has prepared materials and guards in vulnerable areas as well as checking vulnerable lines.

    "We are opening teams at vulnerable points, including Amus at several stations, such as Padalarang and Banjar Stations," Saridal said, on the train line checking, Saturday (04/20).

    According to Saridal, in addition to readiness on the track, to provide a sense of security and comfort for the passengers while at the station it would have instructed that the station environment be clean, including prayer rooms and toilets.

    "The stations must have clean conditions, toilets, prayer rooms as well as others because it is a public facility for passengers, I have stressed the report every Sunday," he said.

    Saridal hopes that the supporting facilities for the convenience of the passengers while at the station must be clean before the 2019 Eid transportation period which will begin on May 26 to June 16, 2019.

    "With clean public facilities, it will provide a sense of comfort for all passengers who will use the train," he said. (Parno)

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