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    Excitement Present at the 2019 Literacy Festival in West Java


    BANDUNG - Located at Gedung Sate Page, the Governor of West Java opened the 2019 Literacy Fastival. The festival presented a number of booths from the OPD, the Regency Government and the City Government of West Java as well as book publishers.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that the reading habits of the people are now shifting to specific mobile gadgets. But unfortunately only read the title and not deep.

    "Hold a cellphone four hours a day, leaving reading a book. This is why there are many hoaxes because reading habits are reduced," he said Saturday (4/20).

    However, according to him, there is no need to be discouraged to continue to improve the position of literacy in West Java. For example, by making a reading culture, by requiring school children from kindergarten / early education, elementary and junior high school to read before entering class.

    "I will ask all department heads to read a book once a month, then they must be reviewed, I will ask randomly," he said.

    He also entrusts literacy infrastructure that has been made such as Kolecer, village library, mobile library to be maintained.

    On the same occasion the Mother of Literacy Atalia Kamil said the festival was an effort to increase literacy in West Java.

    "Inspired by Ibu Kartini who likes to read writing funds, then the theme of our program is After Darkness Is Raised. By reading the world it becomes clear," she said.

    Present at the event were Head of West Java Bank Indonesia Doni P Joewono, Director of Bank BJB Agus Mulyana, Head of the Republic of Indonesia Library M. Syarief B. Jo

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