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    The Governor of West Java Inaugurates the Head of the Ciamis Regency and Mayor of Bogor 2019-2024


    BANDUNG - On behalf of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil officially inaugurated the Regent and Deputy Regent of Ciamis, as well as the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Bogor for 2019-2024 in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro, Bandung, Saturday (04/20/19).

    Herdiat Sunarya and Yana D Putra were sworn in as Regent / Deputy Regent of Ciamis for 2019-2024 results of the 2018 Regional Election. This inauguration was in accordance with Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 131.32-5872 Year 2018 concerning Appointment of Regent of Ciamis in West Java Province and Decree of Minister of Home Affairs : 132.32-5873 Year 2018 concerning Appointment of Deputy Regent of Ciamis, West Java Province, which is stipulated in Jakarta, September 5, 2018.

    Meanwhile, Bima Arya Sugiarto and Dedie Rachim were appointed as mayor and vice mayor of the term 2019-2024 as a result of the 2018 regional election. This inauguration was in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 131.32-8178 Year 2018 concerning Appointment of Mayor of Bogor, West Java Province and Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number: 132.32-8179 Year 2018 concerning the Appointment of Deputy Mayor of Bogor, West Java Province, which is stipulated in Jakarta, October 5, 2018.

    In his speech, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - emphasized that the leadership and staff in the Ciamis Regency and Bogor City governments could work to serve the community with three criteria, namely integrity, professionalism, and serving wholeheartedly.

    "Integrity is our moral stronghold in maintaining public trust. Therefore, the best leadership is leadership with exemplary, "Emil said.

    Second, Emil wants the community to be served wholeheartedly. Because the duty of a leader to his people is to serve not to be served. "The task of leaders is to diligently intervene rather than pointing hands, diligently going down to ensure that problems can be resolved as soon as possible by the leadership's decision," he said.

    The third thing, namely increasing professionalism. Emil advised that the government in Ciamis Regency and Bogor City must be able to start implementing innovation, professionalism and mastery of technology to advance their regions.

    "We hope that these three components, integrity as a fortress, whole-hearted service, and professionalism are the three main formulas, if (the three main formulas) are held the results show the area is an advanced average," Emil said.

    In addition, Ciamis Regency and Bogor City were also asked to focus on increasing various indices which were indicators of improving community welfare. Such as education, health, purchasing power, and accountability performance of the government. Emil also requested that the regency / city governments in West Java diligently communicate with the Regional Government of West Java Province.

    "We from the (government) province (West Java) have instruments to help if the regions are inadequate. There is a provincial government program to be successful, there will be a financial assistance program according to our aspirations and we will also target it according to community needs, "Emil said.

    One of the programs of the Regional Government of West Java Province in Bogor City is related to the plastic recycling center and the development of a cultural center in Ciamis.

    "Bogor in the near future has many sustainable development programs, one of which will be a plastic recycling center in the city of Bogor. Ciamis also has a cultural center development program that is a grant from the province," he said.

    Previously, Emil on behalf of the Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs apologized to the people of Ciamis Regency and the City of Bogor because this inauguration was postponed. The inauguration was supposed to take place on April 7, 2019. However, there was a circular from the Minister of Home Affairs regarding the inauguration of regional heads to be carried out after the voting day of the 2019 Election.

    "We apologize first because (inauguration) was postponed from April 7 (2091) to now," Emil said.

    Withdrawal of inauguration is carried out to maintain the conducive conduct of regional government during the implementation of the 2019 Election.

    "Therefore, representing the Minister of Home Affairs, we express our deepest gratitude to all residents of Ciamis Regency and the City of Bogor who have been patient in waiting for this inauguration," Emil said in his speech.

    There is no 100 Day Program
    Met after the inauguration event, according to Ciamis Regent Herdiat Sunarya, the three criteria of government proposed by Emil will be a priority in the Ciamis Regency Government. In addition, improving public services will also be the main program.

    "Three of them are priorities. God willing, we will fight, "Herdiat said.

    "The most important thing is the service to the community, that is what we will improve, we will win. At least there must be a change towards a better one, "he continued.

    Stop by Regarding the work program in the first 100 days of his administration, Herdiat said that the program was not regulated in the Law. However, the first 100 days will be a motivation for realizing archeology programs in Ciamis.

    Meanwhile, Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto said that in the early days of his administration there would be no first 100-day work program. According to Bima, the city of Bogor will continue to run to build its community.

    "We don't have a 100-day program, for us Bogor has to keep running, every day we have to run," said Bima.

    However, there are a number of programs that will be a priority in the city of Bogor. Like realizing the city of Bogor as a city that is friendly and family-friendly, as well as handling transportation and congestion.

    "Transportation has not run optimally, such as the conversion process of replacing angkot with Trans Pakuan buses has not been maximized. Then some points of congestion are our top priorities, "Bima said.

    Smentara related to the West Java Provincial Government program that would make a plastic waste recycling center in the city of Bogor, Bima explained that it was trying to find the location and investors of the project. Galuga will be an alternative location.

    "The potential is still large, because there is still a lot of plastic waste and we also have Galuga land that can be used next year, because we will move to Nambo. Maybe there (Galuga) we plan the location of the plastic processor, "he said.

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