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    Governor Report Elections in West Java Safely Conducive


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil reported that the 2019 Presidential and Legislative Elections which took place on Wednesday (17/4/19) in West Java were safe, smooth and conducive.

    The report was submitted directly by the Governor to the ranks of the Ministry of Home Affairs through video conference or video conference facilities at the Manglayang Meeting Room, Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Thursday (04/18/19).

    "There are a few problems, such as there are polling stations that lack ballots, but local officials immediately try to take from other polling stations to patch the polling stations that are lacking," said the Governor.

    Another obstacle is that there are a number of polling stations that have difficulty storing electoral logistics such as ballot boxes because they are in the number of five boxes. "So that I, together with the West Java Regional Police Chief, made a decision which was to prioritize the storage of the presidential election box in the sub-district," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    Emil also reported the potential for weather insecurity when voting and vote counting which was initially feared was not as imagined. "Until now there have been no reports of weather disturbances ,: Emil said.

    In addition to evaluating the implementation of elections, Emil also provided input to the Ministry of Home Affairs which was of an administrative nature. This is related to the complaints of students who migrate cannot use their voting rights due to not having an A5 form or a letter moving from the place of origin.

    According to the Governor, these overseas students did not have the time or no cost to return home so they were faced with a situation of complication. Emil hopes that the Ministry of Home Affairs will come up with a regulation that allows people to vote anywhere with e-KTP supplies.

    While related to community participation, Emil reported an increase in West Java. In the 2014 presidential election the participation rate was at 70 percent. But in the 2019 Election, public participation was above 75 percent. "This means that community participation has been very high," said Emil.

    This, he continued, is likely due to the presidential election accompanied by legislative elections so that many candidates are diligent in promoting, socializing, and attracting the public to participate in this democratic party. "I have been to America, where 30 percent participation has been proud. Here 70 percent of them are astonished," he said.

    Other inputs The governor requested that witness fees be borne by the central government. Because the political costs will be too expensive if the cost of witnesses is borne by each political party. "Witness fees are multiplied by the number of TPS, multiplied by the city / regency, per province in Indonesia. How much money is only for witnesses? "

    Emil also had time to report the sad news in the middle of a democratic party, there was the KPPS chairman named Deden Damanhuri (46) who was reportedly dead while on duty. According to information, Deden died during the voting process taking place at TPS 03 in Cipeundeuy Village, Bojong District.

    "Maybe there is attention also from the organizers, he died while carrying out state duties," Emil said.

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