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    The 2019 Literacy Festival, Atalia Kamil Will Launch Children's Books


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government through the Regional Library and Archives Office (DISPUSIPDA) of West Java Province will hold the 2019 Literacy Festival at Gedung Sate Parking Court on Saturday (04/20/19).

    Special, because at the same time the Mother of Literacy of West Java, Atalia Praratya Kamil will launch two titles of her work. Each is titled "Mia and Fried Fish" in the form of children's books and "A Small Note About Us"

    Atalia said that the reason for the 2019 Literacy Festival was one of the reasons for the low public interest in reading and understanding the meaning of the reading.

    "Many people are literate, but few still understand the true meaning of reading. Reading does not just spell words. Reading is understanding the express meaning in words. Now with the digital era we can more easily find useful reading materials through smartphones, "he said in Bandung on Friday (4/19/19).

    "The figure of Kartini which is commemorated every year on April 21 is not only a female emancipation figure, but also as" the enlightener "who is able to show bright light through education and knowledge, eradicating ignorance or darkness by educating children through reading , "Atalia added.

    Atalia, inaugurated as Mother of Literacy on 15 November 2019 by the Head of the Library of the Republic of Indonesia at the West Java Provincial Public Library, said that the 2019 Literacy Festival was held with the theme "After Darkness Gives Light", in order to welcome World Book Day and Kartini Day. As well as celebrating International Book Day, which was established by UNESCO on April 23, as an annual celebration to promote the role of reading, publishing, and copyright.

    According to him, this festival is held a day from 08.00-15.00 WIB. "In addition to the book market from various publishers and the Literacy Product Exhibition from 27 Cities / Regencies in West Java, the 2019 Literacy Festival agenda will also record several important events, including the signing of a literacy declaration between the Governor of West Java, the Head of National Library of Indonesia, Head of Bank Indonesia Office West Java Province and Director of Bank Bjb, "he explained.

    "In the morning there will be a Coordination and Workshop Meeting for the City / Regency Mother of Literacy in West Java," explained Atalia, who is also familiarly called Mrs. Love.

    He detailed, as part of a series of events also held the Literacy Game Exhibition, the West Sumatra Province Cup Bunda Literasi poetry competition, and the flash mob "let's read".

    Visitors will also enjoy performances from Tulus, Ferry Curtis, Storyteller Sis Andi Yudha, Star Syndrome Band, Angklung FORKOPIMDA, and kabisa shows from schools in the Greater Bandung area.

    The background of the 2019 Literacy Festival itself is inseparable from interesting facts about the world of Indonesian literacy. In 2014 Indonesia ranked 60th out of 61 in terms of literacy and reading, but based on the results of a survey of World Culture Index Score 2018 the fondness to read Indonesian society increased significantly. Indonesia ranks 17th out of 30 countries. In terms of reading the average Indonesian spends as much as 6 hours per week reading, beating Argentina, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Germany, the United States, Italy, Mexico, England, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan with 3 hours / week each .

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