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    USAID Prioritas in West Java Hold TOT


    BANDUNG-USAID Prioritas in West Java along with the West Java Provincial Education Department held a training of trainers (TOT) of West Java in order to implement the PRIORITAS program (Prioritising Reform, Innovation, and Opportunity for Indonesia's Teachers, Administrators, and Students).

    Erna Irnawati, the coordinator of USAID Prioritas in West Java said the training was followed by fifty local facilitator for learning of SMP/MTs in six areas of the city and county of USAID Prioritas partners in West Java.

    "The three training package focuses on literacy, the ability to read and write, which in turn will produce original student work," she said.

    According to Erna, in these training, teachers are encouraged to be more creative so that the more varied instructional strategies allow students to read in the learning process and more intensive check student comprehension in reading.

    "Students are then encouraged to be able to write with a mind of its own and produce writing lengthy, thorough, and interesting," said Erna on the sidelines of the training in Swiss-Bel, Cirebon, last weekend.

    Erma said, during the training that conducted in four days, the participants practiced authentic assessment, the development of mathematics in life, encourage information skills (Indonesian, IPA and IPS), developing extensive reading (English), and portfolio.

    "All participants do the teaching practice at SMPN 1 Plered and MTsN 2 Cirebon to try learning strategies that encourage literacy skills," he said.

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