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    Reduced Golput Number, Deputy Governor Appreciates Regent and Mayor


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum was pleased that the voter turnout of various regencies / cities in West Java in the 2019 Presidential and Legislative Elections increased a lot from before.

    This was revealed when the Deputy Governor led a video conference or video conference at the West Java Election Desk, Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Thursday (04/18/19).

    "Alhamdulillah, I am proud because the implementation of elections in West Java is generally successful. There is an increase in voter participation in almost all regions, the least increase is 5%, the largest is 16%," said Uu who was accompanied by members of Bawaslu, KPU Jabar, TNI / Police and other Forkopimda elements.

    The Deputy Governor expressed his appreciation to the regents and mayors for having succeeded in raising people's political awareness. "This shows the awareness of the community to increase politics plus the role of regional heads and their ranks," said Uu.

    Appreciation especially to the Mayor of Bandung, Oded M Danial, who succeeded in increasing the number of voter participation from the previous election, which was 77 percent to 86.5 percent. "From the Bandung City report, the participation rate has increased tremendously. The implementation is also very conducive and fair. Indeed this is what we hope for," said the Deputy Governor.

    In a video conference, Uu did ask the regents and mayors the way the elections were going in their respective regions. As a result, general elections in West Java have been conducive and safe. Although there were technical obstacles such as the delay in the ballot box, ballots that were exchanged and lacking, and power outages, they were quickly handled.

    "From our monitoring and incoming reports there is no crucial problem as there are people who have not received C6 but can still vote because they use a KTP. There are also people in Pangandaran who have died of lights when counting and a little paper is exchanged in Cianjur and not disturbing, "Uu explained.

    Even so, the Deputy Governor still appealed specifically to the authorities to focus more on securing ballot paper shifts because the stages of the election process were still not over. This is so as not to damage the atmosphere of West Java that is conducive and smooth.

    "Because the process of the electoral stage has not been completed, I ask the regional head together with the Indonesian National Police to focus his attention on shifting the ballot box so that nothing can damage this already conducive atmosphere," he pleaded.

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