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    Governor: Anyone Elected Has the Decree of Allah SWT


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil used his right to vote on Wednesday (04/17/19) at TPS 32 Jalan Cigadung Selatan VII RT 03/08, Kota Bandung. It appeared at that time his wife Atalia Praratya, mother-in-law. Nomi, as well as the eldest son who became an early voter, Emmeril Khan Mumtaz.
    "Alhamdulillah, this is my routine polling station and my family, today I voted four, I, my wife, my son because he was old, then my mother-in-law. The trial was less than five minutes," the governor said after voting.
    According to Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, he had received a report that all ballots had been received at the polling station. "Today, according to reports in West Java, it is very smooth, 100 percent of the ballots already exist in polling stations," he said.
    After using his voting rights, Emil immediately inspected several locations to ensure the implementation of the 2019 election went well until the afternoon. A number of polling stations reviewed by the Governor included TPS 01 in Kebon Pisang Village, Sumur Bandung District, Bandung City. Then 126 TPS in the Puri Cipageran Indah I Complex, Cipageran Village, North Cimahi District, Cimahi City, and TPS 136 in Taman Ceria RT 02/21 Baleendah Village, Baleendah District, Bandung Regency.
    The governor advised that the public should not abstain and use their right to vote as wisely as possible. By choosing, it means that you have determined the quality of life in accordance with his expectations for the next five years.
    "Because your ignorance today is your regret later on," he said.
    Emil stressed, anyone who is elected by the Shari'a is by the permission of Allah SWT and has become His decree. The Governor invites the public so that anyone who is elected, both leader and representative of the people, is accepted and respected because that is the voice of the people.
    "After that, we built together Indonesia for the next five years and God willing, Indonesia will become a champion," Emil hoped.
    In addition, the Governor also appealed for no excessive expressions. For those who win so as not to frown, those who do not win do not have to overreact.
    "This is a five-year routine, follow the procedures that have been determined. The name of the quick count was carried out broadcast at 3pm. After shopping for fun with family at home, or shopping because there was 'Fun Pinkies', make this political party a cultural party," he said.
    While for the Election contestants, continued Emil, so that there is reciprocity with the regions that have chosen it. Do not come to the community when you need a voice but it seems to forget after taking office.
    "Whoever is elected, do not let the election take place with the voice of West Java, have been chosen to forget the people of West Java. We are 20 percent of Indonesia, very large, 33 million voters, please give proportional support to West Java. yes please help a lot, "Emil said.

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