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    Pursuing the 80 Percent Target of Election Participation, West Java Provincial Government Holds a Unique Competition


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil targets the level of West Java voter participation in the 2019 Presidential and Legislative Elections to reach 80 percent.

    In the 2014 Election voter turnout in West Java reached 71.3 percent, and the 2018 Governor Election decreased to 70.3 percent. Although it is fairly heavy, Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, still holds optimism, given that all stakeholders' efforts are maximized.

    "Hopefully now the enthusiasm is more. Moreover, there is a National Fun Fun program nationwide. So, show the purple pinkie can get a 50 percent discount. Very supportive," Emil said in front of reporters and residents during the West Java Information Event (Japri), in Gedung Sate , Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City, Tuesday (04/16/19).

    Complementing the national Kelingking Fun program, the West Java Provincial Government initiated a prize competition to attract the attention of voters to come to the polling station (TPS). The competition applies to organizers and voters.

    The categories planned start from the Decoration of the Unique TPS and TPS with the Highest Voter Participation, with prizes for each category of IDR 15 million for the first winner, IDR 10 million for the second winner, and IDR 5 million for the third winner.

    There is also a category of Heroic TPS Officers who will be assessed by reporters who happen to cover. The prize is IDR 15 million for the first winner, IDR 10 million for the second winner, and IDR 5 million for the third winner.

    "For Terheroik polling station officers because of the difficulty of verification, we will see from the reporter's version. Let the journalists determine which is the most heroic polling station," Emil said.

    For voters, prizes were also provided through the Selfie category at the polling station with the Unique Poses. The condition is that the selfie must be neutral without showing support for one of the presidential candidates, political parties, or legislative candidates. Photos must also be made in front of the polling station, not inside the voting booth. The prize is the same, IDR 15 million for the first winner, IDR 10 million for the second winner, and IDR 5 million for the third winner.

    All photos must be uploaded on the Instagram account of each participant by tagging and mentioning the @humas_jabar, @ridwankamil and @pujabar account no later than April 18, 2019. Winners will be announced in May 2019.

    Apply 1.2 Million Officers

    At the same event, Chairman of the West Java General Election Commission (KPU) Rifqi Ali Mubarok stated, around 1.2 million officers consisting of KPU, Panwaslu and community protection officers (linmas) were deployed to carry out the elections tomorrow.

    Rifqi said that until now the West Java KPU could also ensure the availability of logistics for the 2019 Election such as ballots for the five types of elections already received at the district level.

    "And it has shifted at the sub-district level and today God willing, it will shift in the polling station. So we can make sure the existence of ballots is now in the sub-district," said Rifqi.

    According to Rifqi, there are around 33.2 million voters in West Java, the most in Indonesia. The voters are scheduled to vote at 138,000 polling stations. According to him, the number of polling stations in the 2019 Election in West Java is far more than the polling stations during the 2018 Simultaneous Local Election.

    "Because the maximum number of voters in each polling station is around 300 voters and for West Java the number of voters in each polling station is around 250 voters on average," he said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the West Java Election Supervisory Agency Abdullah Dahlan said the 2019 election burden was not a light burden. This is a challenge to present the quality of democratic elections. "Bawaslu wants to ensure that all components of the election comply with the rules," he said.

    "Since the quiet day, we have appealed that there will be no more campaign agendas and not to act outside the law," Abdullah added.

    To guarantee conducivity, West Java Bawaslu together with the supervision patrol regional government for two days 15-16 April 2019. The aim is to ensure readiness ahead of the voting day on April 17, 2019 later. "We make surveillance patrols also prevent money politics. Because the choice is not to be transacted," Abdullah said.

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