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    Governor of Appreciation for Unique TPS


    BANDUNG - As a form of appreciation to the Voting Committee (PPS), the West Java Provincial Government will give an appreciation for the most unique polling station in the Election of the President and Vice President and the Legislative Election (Pileg) which will take place on Wednesday (17/04) tomorrow.

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, said that he would give gifts to three polling stations with the most unique category with each prize valued at Rp.15 million for the first best, Rp.10 million for the second best and Rp.5 million for the best the 3rd.

    "This prize is a form of appreciation to the officers at the polling station, which currently have many unique TIPS with the aim of attracting voter participation to the polling station," said the Governor, in West Java. Having Information (Japri), at Gedung Sate Lobby on Tuesday (16 / 04).

    The governor stated, in addition to the most unique TPS the prize would also be given to the polling station with the highest level of participation and the actions of polling station officials who were considered heroic as well as the actions taken by voters after they cast their vote at polling stations.

    "For the most heroic or touching, the reporters take pictures, this is to encourage them, and the reporters who take the action will also get prizes," he said. (Parno)

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