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    Governor Holds 2019 Election Photo Competition


    BANDUNG - To enliven the democratic party of the Pileg and Presidential Election 2019 in West Java, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil organized a photo moment competition around the Pileg and Pilpres.
    According to him, the competition was divided into 4 categories, namely the most unique selfie after leaving the voting booth, heroic photos of officers and voters in exercising their right to vote and carry out their duties, the best and most unique polling stations, then special gifts for polling stations with the most voters.
    "This is to arouse people to participate in the election, then the results are poured in the form of photographs and given prizes" he said at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (04/16/2019).
    According to Emil, anyone in West Java has the right to participate in this competition, not limited to the age of men and women, and may use any camera.
    "The prize, first prize is 15 million, second is 10 million and third is 5 million rupiah. Please participate and do not abstain. Because abstentions can make you regret," Emil concluded.
    The works can be sent to Jabar public relations social media such as IG, Yotube email and others.
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