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    Bank owned by West Java, preparing bjb Tandamata Berjangka Umrah


    BANDUNG - Bank BJB provides an easy solution for people who want to carry out Umrah through the Tandamata Berjangka Umrah bjb program.

    Bjb Tandamata Berjangka Umrah Program is a program intended for customers who have the desire or need to carry out Umrah worship, by paying a sum of money at the time of opening an account and making monthly deposits in accordance with the mechanism of Tandamata Berjj bjb Products in accordance with applicable regulations.

    The customer of the program participant deposits funds in the amount of 20% of the total cost of the Umrah package to the designated Travel Agent shelter account at the bank bjb as a seat booking for the participation of the Tandamata Berjangka Umrah bjb program.

    As a pilot project, this program applies to the bank bjb of the Bandung Main Branch Office as the operator of the Tandamata Berjangka Umrah bjb.
    In maximizing the Bjb Tandamata Berjangka Umrah program, the bank bjb will collaborate with PT Praba Arta Buana Utama as the organization of umrah worship activities.

    The signing of the cooperation agreement was signed by Afipuddien as Managing Director of PT Praba Arta Buana Utama and Suartini as the Director of Consumer and Retail bank bjb located at Menara Bank bjb (15/4). Also attending were management from PT Praba Arta Buana Utama and bank bjb.

    Pindiv Corporate Secretari M. As'adi Budiman said the bank bjb would be committed to continue to provide maximum service to all customers.

    "The service approach used by bank bjb emphasizes the concept of human to human relations and will not stop innovating for the sake of ease of service for the community as a form of" Land For Land ". With the Bjb Tandamata Berjangka Umrah program it is expected to facilitate and facilitate the dreams of customers who want to implement Umrah worship, "he said on Monday (4/15).

    Besides the bjb Tandamata Berjangka Umrah program, the bank bjb also has other interesting programs for customers who want to pick up the dream of carrying out worship, one of which is the bjb program for Religious Travel 2018 (bjb Journey of Religion).

    The Religious Travel bjb program is a bank bjb lottery prize program which is held in order to increase customer loyalty and also as a form of appreciation to bank bjb Consumer and Retail Credit debtors, especially the bjb Kredit Guna Bhakti (bjb KGB) debtors and Credit Pra Purna Bhakti bjb ( bjb KPPB).

    bank bjb also has a Loyal Customer Award program where the program bjb gives appreciation to its loyal customers (existing debtors) and Cinta Guru bjb program is a promotional program in the form of lottery as a form of appreciation and manifestation of Bank Bjb's concern for the world of education, especially for customers who works as a teacher of all forms of dedication in educating generations of people who are dignified with prizes in the form of umrah worship for Muslim debtors and tours to Hollyland for non-Muslim debtors. Jo

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