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    MPus, Puskesmas Moving Innovation West Java Provincial Government is Ready to Serve Residents in Remote Areas


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - The West Java Provincial Government officially launched a health service car named MPus or stands for Mobile Health Center, in collaboration with various parties: Team MPUS - Dinkes & DOCTA TECH Australia; JABAR QUICK RESPONSE; West Java Moves; IDI West Java; KIDI Jabar; West Java PPNI; Village Patriot, and Bank BJB.

    Health service innovations in the form of sophisticated vehicles with special specifications will come to communities in remote areas that have been difficult to access health facilities.

    The health service car that will be present in 27 districts / cities was inaugurated directly by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil in Alun-alun, District of Cililin, West Bandung Regency, Monday (04/15/19). Also present were Deputy Regent of West Bandung Hengky Kurniawan.

    Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, said, MPus is a health innovation as proof that the state is present in every joint need of society. With the concept of moving, MPus answers the complaints of people who have difficulty accessing health services.

    "This is very much needed by residents in mountainous areas, hills and remote areas. Many residents complain, Sir, I want to go to a far and difficult hospital. So we go to them. God willing to inspire other regions in Indonesia," Emil said.

    As the name implies, a car with a cat symbol has a function to serve patients such as actions or just a direct health consultation with a doctor. MPus is equipped with digital digital consultation technology, which is an online health consultation application with specialist doctors.

    "Later there will be a doctor and equipped with telemedicine so that people do not always go to the hospital. Because in MPus, doctors can generally conduct online consultations with specialist doctors based in the West Java Health Command Center," he said.

    Using a fleet with special specifications that have been adapted to a variety of function requirements, the MPus is designed with a high level of resistance so that it can be used on a variety of terrain road characters that are traversed.

    The community can use it for maternal and child health services, HBA1c and cholesterol checks, examination of eye disorders due to diabetes, high blood pressure examination, senior telehealth supervision and reveal virtual clinic, vision examination, anemia examination, hearing examination, digital health promotion, immunization and ultrasound .

    "We will certainly expand this MPU, so there will be no more underserved villages because of the country that brings services to the community," Emil said.

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