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    UTBK UNPAD First session to run optimally


    BANDUNG - on Saturday (13/4) and Sunday (4/14). Padjadjaran University is the national implementation coordinator of UTBK.

    Unpad Chancellor Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad said, the implementation of the first day of UTBK was running smoothly as a whole. Unpad has ensured server readiness in all UTBK organizer locations, both at PTN and implementing partners since Friday (12/4).

    "This morning the system activities began with how the entire test center arrived at its servers to open seal questions, one hour before the exam. Starting from Eastern Indonesia, shifting to the middle, then west, "said the Chancellor.

    The Chancellor explained that all UTBK server activities in Indonesia had been monitored through the Command Center room at the Unpad Chancellor Building. In addition, call center services are also prepared if there are problems with the implementation of UTBK in all regions.

    This morning, continued the Chancellor, there were various obstacles surrounding the implementation of UTBK. Starting from supervisors who have not been fluent in providing digital instructions, locations that have troubled clients, to server delays in downloading applications / questions. However, these obstacles can be relatively resolved.

    "Every location has a problem, they can be directed to our call center. There are experts who can provide a solution, "said the Chancellor.

    The first wave of UTBK implementation was held from April 13 to May 4 2019 every Saturday and Sunday. While the second wave UTBK is held from May 11 to May 26, 2019 every Saturday and Sunday. In one day, the test time is divided into two sessions. The morning session starts at 7:30 a.m., while the afternoon session starts at 12:30 local time.

    The Chancellor also advised that UTBK participants must be prepared and carry the requirements needed during the exam, such as a diploma for participants who passed last year and a certificate from the school that the student was a class XII student and exam card.

    "Overall we are committed, if the participants have any problems, we will serve," said the Chancellor.

    UTBK results can be accessed by participants no later than 10 days after the examination. These results can be considered by participants to choose the appropriate study program when registering for SBMPTN or independent pathways. Jo

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