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    Muazzam: Indonesia Can Become a World Pilot


    BANDUNG (04/13/2019) - Indonesia can be a pilot of the world especially in peace. This was expressed by the British ambassador to Indonesia Muazzam Malik when attending the closing of the first English For Ulama program in Gedung Sate.

    "With this English for ulama program, I am sure that in the future Indonesia can become a world model especially in religious harmony. This is a strategic program," said Muazzam along with West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

    Muazzam added that there is no country that is as diverse as Indonesia but can live in harmony and peace.

    "I think the big capital that Indonesia has is diversity in all fields, religions, cultures, languages ??but can live harmoniously there is no division" he said.

    British Ambassador Muazzam Malik is very hopeful that starting with the English For Ulama program initiated by West Java, it can become a unifying world not only for Muslims but for all people throughout the world. (Even)

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