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    Ridwan Kamil: Media plays a role in maturing information processing communities


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil invites the media to participate in maturing the community in processing information in the digital era that is filled with news summons, engineering news, hoaxes or hoaxes, and slanderous information.

    Hoaks news that spread in the community very quickly made Ridwan Kamil nervous. According to the Governor, this hoax is difficult to stem without the involvement of the media.

    Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, said that West Java residents are a very high media consumption group, so if they don't have a good filter, they tend to be very easy to believe in hoaxes or hoaxes.

    According to Emil, hoaks are the dark side of information that must be resisted through a collaboration between the government and the media.

    "I am troubled because there are a lot of news about hoaks that are consumed by the public and we find it difficult to contain them," Emil said when meeting West Java media editors at Nara Park, Bandung, Friday (04/12/19).

    "So, this media must be involved in how to mature the people of West Java in processing information," he said.

    Moreover, currently coinciding with the momentum of the 2019 Presidential and Legislative Elections, Emil hopes that sensitive information or issues that have the potential to create multipersion and unrest in the community should be addressed wisely even if necessary to be avoided by the media.

    "Because we must guard the transition of power so that it is safe, peaceful, smooth as a condition for us to continue development," he said.

    Emil believes that the media has a moral responsibility to convey the right information with the support of information technology that is currently developing. Moreover, Indonesian people have a culture of chatting and sharing with a low literacy index.

    Emil also asked the media to reconsider how to write the contents and make the headline. According to him, the negative and positive impacts of reporting need to be carefully calculated. "Only from the title, how to choose the word. Why? It doesn't read the contents, which are read only the title. That's us today," Emil said.

    "So, the role of editor in chief now if I can give input, writing the title really must be careful. Please calculate the positive and negative effects of how to sort words," he added.

    Emil hopes that a fair attitude also applies to media players. He wants the media not only to preach the negative side of an event, but also to the positive side.

    "From me, the expectation is only one word, which is fair. Fair is not only the duty of the leader, but anyone who influences the mind of the community, every time you want to write please remember that one word (fair)," said Emil.

    "Please be fair. It is fair that in Islam put everything in accordance with its place. Do not put something that is not in place, that name is not fair," he said.

    Pimred Forum

    The meeting between the Governor of West Java and the editor in chief was initiated by the Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of the Regional Secretariat of West Java. The meeting was attended by editors from local, regional and national print, online and television media whose representatives were in West Java.

    In this intimate and relaxed meeting, the Governor and the leaders gave mutual input and constructive criticism about the workings and performance of each, in the context of presenting positive and inspirational information for residents of West Java.

    Both the West Java Provincial Government and the media agree that the relationship between them is a development partner with mutual respect and respect for each other.

    The plan, this event will be routed two months or three months with the headline Forum Pimred, following a new tradition of ground coffee of the governor with regents and mayors throughout West Java who are also once every three months.

    According to the Governor, the forum is important to avoid misunderstanding of information. "This leadership forum can be three months or two months. We meet to ensure there is no miscommunication," said the Governor.

    "Because our problem is sometimes not not having money, not having no knowledge, but often making wrong decisions because the information entered is not right or wrong," he said.

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