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    Disdik in West Java Stretcher Three Successful Implementation of UN


    BANDUNG Head of the elementary education directorate (Disdik) in West Java, H. Asep Hilman said it brought the three succeed in organising the National Examination 2016. They are required to make efforts as much as possible in order to avoid the slightest mistake in the implementation of  UN.

    "Every effort will end up with the fatigue and compounded with invective if we were not carried it with three succeeds in UN organising," said H. Asep Hilman the Coordination Meeting on Implementation of UN Preparatory 2016 in Ki Hadjar Dewantara Hall, Disdik Building Floor IV, Jalan dr. Radjiman, Bandung, some time ago.

    The first uccess was successful in terms of planning.

    "Alhamdulilah from the planning side ranging from the appointment of the printing, submission until the printing has been a success," he said.

    The second success, was the success of the implementation that included in the distribution.

    "Next is a successful administration, including budgeting that accountable. Hopefully these three success will lead to the successful results of a national examination itself. No matter how small things that appear in the field, in case can not be solved but having to coordinate and consult with us. Our 24-hour hotline through all channels, whether email, SMS, WA and Line group and other channels. Please use those channels in order to further the successful implementation of UN,” he said. 

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