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    The Governor Asks Media to Be Polite in Language


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil or Kang Emil asked the media to be polite in language, so as not to cause perceptions of others from the community. This was revealed by Kang Emil in front of the editorial leaders of print and electronic media and online in Bandung on Friday (04/23/2019).

    "For example, it was like yesterday's Dayeukolot. With the word 'labrak', the perception became like there was physical violence, even though it was not at all" he said

    In addition Emil also asked the media to preach the government's work in the field of disaster, not only the impact of the disaster.

    "That the impact of the floods is indeed difficult, tiring, depressed, that is yes we also admit. But besides that, the community also needs to know what the government is trying to do to overcome the floods. he said.

    Emil stressed that the government does not remain silent in matters of disaster. The government still works. In the event the gathering of governors and media leaders was also revealed the possibility of the Governor appointed a spokesperson.

    "If I am happy, if this is agreed upon, it means that my burden is somewhat reduced. But it really has to be agreed upon. Unlike when I was the mayor, there was a plan like that but the reporters refused," he said.

    The Governor's meeting with the media leaders will be routed in the future. But the time depends on the agreed situation. (Even)

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