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    Atalia: "BMW" Becomes the Choice of SMK Graduates


    BANDUNG - Mother of Literacy of West Java Province Atalia Praratya Kamil officially opened the Creative Edu Salapan Fair Job at SMKN 9 Bandung, Thursday (04/11/19).

    Atalia said this event was one of the answers to help increase the potential of existing human resources (HR), both from industry partners, government agencies, and Vocational Schools in Greater Bandung.

    "This is one of the important things to be presented. So that students in the school are given debriefing how they must face challenges in the future," Atalia said.

    According to him, the right activity was held after the Vocational School implemented USBN, UNBK, and UKK. It could be a solution to shorten the waiting period of graduates before entrepreneurship, work, or continue their education to a higher level.

    "This is what is needed, because usually students are confused about where to go and what to do. So there is a good program, called BMW," Atalia added.

    The BMW program or abbreviation for work, continuing, or entrepreneurship, continued Atalia, is a government program to be a solution for vocational graduates after graduation. "This means that they have many choices whether they will work, continue their education to a higher level or entrepreneurship," he said.

    Atalia hopes that SMK graduates will always report which sectors they will travel to so that schools can continue to monitor the alumni.

    Head of West Java Education Agency Dewi Sartika revealed, SMKN 9 Bandung is one of 21 revitalization Vocational Schools that have been declared by central and regional governments. So it is appropriate for Vocational High School 9 to provide proof of the feasibility that graduates can work, continue and become entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, plus can spread their success to other SMKs.

    "One proof of revitalization that has been achieved by SMKN 9 is an industry-based curriculum that today conducts PKS with industrial partners as a manifestation of improving school quality through product-based learning with the name Teaching Factory," Dewi said.

    West Java has 2,937 SMKs which are the most in Indonesia. The state vocational school is 287 units (9.7 percent) and the private vocational school is 2,650 units (90.3 percent). The number of students reached 1,074,567 students, including public vocational students 298,931 people (28 percent) and private vocational students 775,636 people (72 percent) in the 2018/2019 academic year.

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