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    Secretary: Not Only Smart, Millennials Must Be Cultured and Ethical


    MAJALENGKA - West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa encourages millennial and generation Z generations to increase their knowledge and skills by not being uprooted from eastern cultural roots, ethics, and values.

    According to him, the West Java Provincial Government through the National Unity Agency and Politics took the initiative to strengthen values, ethics and culture for the millennial generation and generation Z. Because the value of philosophy became the foundation to be able to climb the era of the 4.0 industrial revolution society.

    "On this basis, this reinforcement is needed," Iwa said after opening the seminar on Improving the Values ??and Ethics of National and State Community Life Insights for the Young Generation of Majalengka Regency in Graha Sindang Kasih, Majalengka Regency, Wednesday (10/4/19).

    Iwa hopes that the next generation who are truly literate in internet technology with their social media wisely interacts with various parties. "So that their knowledge becomes broadly capable and has innovation as well as collaboration to increase its potential," he said.

    If these things are done, I believe the millennial generation and generation Z are able to become successful people. "It's a success for yourself, family, nation and religion," he said.

    According to him, the West Java Provincial Government has strategic steps to improve and prepare the younger generation, especially through the education sector. First, at this time SMK / SMA has begun to be directed at the substance of the subjects associated with the industrial revolution 4.0.

    Second, from the practice side that is adjusted to the subject area. "Third, specifically Vocational Schools are directed to link and match. So what can be obtained at school will be implemented in the industrial sector, "said Iwa.

    So that in the future, students will not only get diplomas but also certificates of competence as their provision in the workforce. "These steps are being, we will and will continue to do. So that millennial society can also work and not inferior to other Asian countries. The entrepreneur's attitude and mentality must also be prepared, later on he will not only be a job seeker but also create jobs, "explained Iwa.

    More importantly, continued Iwa, millennial and generation Z were directed towards the attitude and mentality of being an entrepreneur who could open employment opportunities.

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