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    President: Quality Leadership and HR Determine the Progress of the Village


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil attended the Village Government National Gathering event in Indonesia at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Bung Karno Sports Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/4/19).

    In this event, Indonesian President Joko Widodo was present who gave his direction before more than 10,000 heads and village officials. The President also emphasized two things related to the key determinant of a village's progress, namely leadership and quality of human resources.

    "First, the leadership that controls advanced and innovative governance. Second, pay attention to the quality of human resources," the President said in his direction.

    In addition, in the future through village funds the government also encourages villages to build quality local products, so they can compete and sell globally.

    "If the village has a quality product we encourage, we encourage the packaging so that later products from the village can compete and we can send them through a global e-marketplace," he said.

    In this gathering there were 4,200 participants from villages in districts throughout Indonesia, as well as 6,000 village heads and village apparatus in the village area.

    On this occasion, the President also committed to continue increasing the APBN budget for village funds. Since it was rolled out in 2015, the Central Government has disbursed funds of up to Rp257 trillion for village funds and plans in 2019 for the budget for village funds reached Rp70 trillion.

    "For years we have not paid attention to villages, infrastructure, irrigation channels, bridges, embung, because the villages have not been given an adequate budget. Until now this means that Rp257 trillion has been allocated to villages," explained the President.

    "Be careful! This is big money. And I make sure that in the future the budget will go up and the usage must really be on target," he pleaded.

    After nearly four and a half years rolling, according to him, village funds have been able to build various types of infrastructure, such as 191,000 kilometers of village roads, 24,000 posyandu units, 50,000 PAUD units, 8,900 village markets, 58,000 irrigation units, and 1.1 million meters of bridges. The number of villages throughout Indonesia is more than 74,900.

    "This number must continue to be increased, because in the future village funds will continue to increase every year," said the President.

    The national gathering of village government in Indonesia was held independently by three village associations, namely the Association of All Indonesian Village Governments (Apdesi), the Association of All Indonesian Village Government Apparatus (Papdesi), and the All Indonesian Village Devices Association (PPDI) under the direction of the National Development Coordination Agency , Government, Village Community Empowerment (Bakornas P3KD).

    P3KD Head of Bakornas Muhamad Asri Anas hoped that the national gathering that carries the theme: "United Village Advanced" is expected to be a forum for discussion to sit with village officials from all over Indonesia.

    "This is probably the first time that three village associations have sat together. It is hoped that this will become a forum for joint discussions on building villages," said Muhammad.

    "We also hope that the directives from the President will increase our enthusiasm in order to develop the village so that it will progress," he said.

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