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    Rain Does Not Stop, Grain Prices of Farmers Can Drop


    BANDUNG - The price of rice and rice at the farm level is feared to drop because the rain is still falling along with the harvest. Prices at the farm level will decrease if the quality of grain or rice is bad due to rain.

    Head of West Java Regional Division of Logistics Bureau, Benhur Ngkaimi, said that currently the harvest in West Java is starting to roll, despite delays. The harvest is expected to continue until May 2019.

    "Harvest has begun, only about two weeks ago. Our absorption is still minimal at around 9,000 tons from the target of 200,000 tons this year, "Benhur said in Bandung, Tuesday (04/09/2019).

    Although the harvest season has begun, he is concerned that the price of rice and rice at the farm level will decline. That is because the harvest season coincides with the rainy season. This condition will disturb farmers who are drying grain.

    "Farmers are worried when grain has been dried in four days and hit by rain. That will damage the quality of the grain. So, they will sell cheap so they don't lose too much. But the price is not competitive. We also don't dare to buy, because it is not in accordance with the standard, "he explained.

    On the other hand, the availability of rice drying machines, drayer, is very limited in number. Bulog for example only has 11 drayer units. Spread in Cirebon, Indramayu, Karawang, and Subang.

    "The capacity of 11 drayer is only 200 tons per day, which is equivalent to the yield of 40 hectares of land. While the area of rice in West Java reaches hundreds of hectares. At present, drayer is an urgent need for farmers, "he said. Jo

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