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    Mrs. Cinta Promoted Situ Cipanten Majalengka Regency


    MAJALENGKA - Interrupted by Sarling's activities in Majalengka Regency, West Java, the wife of the West Java governor Atalia Kamil took time to visit one of the tourist sites in Situ Cipanten, Sindang District, Gunung Kuning Village. In addition to enjoying the beautiful atmosphere there, Mrs. Cinta took the time to have a dialogue with the community and local PKK administrators.

    Atalia during her visit she had time to bounce, fish and enjoy selfies on a love-shaped dock.

    Head of marketing for the West Java Culture and Tourism Agency Iwan Darmawan said there had been plans for structuring Situ Cipanten as one of the attractive tourist destinations in Majalengka.

    "We accept input from visitors, want cleanliness to be maintained, stalls are strong if they can be removed. They want it to be repaired also from the side of the ingredients," he said after the program yesterday.

    He said road access to the location also needs to be considered so that large-size vehicles can easily reach locations.

    "Before revamping the tourist site, the harp foot has improved road access to the location first," he said.

    In addition to water tourism, later the local UMKM will also be empowered, but it is allocated before the entrance of Situ Cipanten. The goal is for visitors to shop for superior MSME products. So in addition to earning income from tourist entrance tickets, local residents are empowered economically with the local MSME market.

    "Later the entry ticket will use e money with a digital system," he said. Jo

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