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    Bank BJB won the Red and White Corporation Award


    BANDUNG - PT West Java and Banten Tbk Regional Development Bank (bank bjb) won the Red and White Corporation Award, Anugerah Indonesia Maju 2018-2019 held by Rakyat Merdeka and Warta Ekonomi. The award was achieved by bank bjb because of its innovation and acceleration in the scope of business. The award was given at the Indonesia Forward Award 2018-2019 at the Pullman Hotel Ballroom, Jakarta on Monday (04/08/2019).

    Also present at the event was Vice President Jusuf Kalla. The award was received by the Director of Compliance and Risk Management who carried out the duties of President Director of the bank bjb Agus Mulyana.

    The 2018-2019 Advanced Indonesia Award is given to those who are considered to have been accelerators, motorists and innovators in the scope of politics, economics and business. They are considered to be working sincerely, for the sake of Indonesia through various program breakthroughs and real work.

    Appreciation was given by observing the conditions throughout 2018-2019, where when the conditions of the world economy deteriorated, Indonesia was able to maintain good growth, and the fluctuations in the rupiah in a safe and controlled range. Various infrastructure developments continue to be made to maintain balance between regions.

    On the other hand, many corporations also managed to maintain financial performance amid unstable economic conditions. They continue to innovate and make positive performance, thus encouraging economic growth. Indonesia Award Forward 2018-2019 is given in order to appreciate the hard work of corporations, individuals, or institutions in order to be the inspiration and motivation for the next generation.

    Bank Bjb believes that the award this time is the result of the company's commitment and sincerity in providing the best service to customers and the community at large. Various successes and innovations this time, are future assets for the good of common welfare.

    The total implementation of the concept of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) has placed the bank bjb able to run the company in a good and healthy manner. On the other hand, the placement of human resources (HR) is precisely positioned to produce maximum work in each field. It is known, the winner of the Indonesia Award Forward 2018-2019 has previously gone through a long process. The selection was carried out through a series of research and selection activities starting from the Research Desk's qualitative research, initial judging, media monitoring, and final judging.

    Qualitative research uses desk research to conduct data search activities on the best political, economic and business leaders in Indonesia. Penjaringan is carried out through qualitative studies of the publication of secondary data, namely media publications, official government institutions, companies, associations and other official institutions. The results of this stage are used to capture recipients of gifts.

    The next process of selection is using the accelerator, driving force and innovator parameters. This process was carried out through a judging session by Rakyat Merdeka and Warta Ekonomi. This initial selection resulted in candidates being tracked in media publications during the period 2018-2019. From that process, the grouping of five categories was obtained. Namely Special Gift Figures; Political, Economic and Business Accelerators; Political Figures, Motor Economy and Business Political Figures; Economy and Business Innovators; and the Red and White Corporation. In the final selection, the assessment involved three juries namely Suryopratomo (representing the Press), Rhenald Kasali (Academics / Economists), and Tjipta Lesmana (Academics / Political Experts). JO

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