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    Ridwan Kamil Named 'Millennial Governor'


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil has been named 'Millennial Governor of the Year' at the 2018-2019 Advanced Indonesia Award event held by the Warta Ekonomi media group and Rakyat Merdeka daily, at the Pullman Hotel Ballroom, Jakarta, Monday (8 / 4/19) night.

    "Whatever good news, of course we are grateful, there is an appreciation that the change is seen, I think that is the thing we are grateful for," said Governor Ridwan Kamil after receiving the gift.

    According to him, what he does is not merely pursuing awards. But it works because of the mandate of the people and the demands of office. The award he received was regarded as an indicator of the presence of changes in what was done.

    "I will continue to improve and improve," he said.

    So far, the figure of Ridwan Kamil is known as a figure who brought change that was indeed close to millennials and generation Z. Emil, his nickname, often spoke at youth forums both national and international levels.

    Emil consistently invites milenials to participate in development. One of them is West Java Future Leader (JFL), West Java Saber Hoaks, One Village One Company, and many programs in the West Java Provincial Government which are followed by many milenials.

    Since still serving as Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil is also known as a government that is very well versed in utilizing technology. Communication with the people is mostly carried out on various social media platforms and continues to be maintained until now as governor. Emil also often innovates in government by applying the principle of digitalization.

    The selection of figures who received awards was carried out through qualitative studies of the publication of secondary data, namely media publications, official government agencies, companies, associations, and other official institutions. The selection process is carried out using the parameters of accelerators, motors, and innovators.

    This process was carried out through the jury of Rakyat Merdeka and the Economic News. This initial selection resulted in candidates for the Indonesia Advanced Award 2018-2019.

    These names were then tested through the media monitoring research process by tracking news published in 40 mainstream media in Indonesia from January 2018 to February 2019. In the final judging phase, the assessment team then determined the person.

    "The leaders who received this award have commitment, enthusiasm and concrete steps for advanced Indonesia," said Managing Director and Founder of Rakyat Merdeka Margiono.

    President Commissioner Warta Ekonomi Fadel Muhammad said, this event was held to appreciate the country's leaders who were considered to take an important role in realizing Advanced Indonesia.

    In his view, towards advanced Indonesia it must take smart decentralization steps. "We all must have the same determination to solve the nation's problems," Fadel said.

    Because according to him, the prerequisites for Indonesia's progress cannot be separated from economic progress in the regions. Therefore, the regional economy must also get a strong drive to move forward together.

    While Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla who was present at the event conveyed three things he considered could encourage Indonesia to be free from underdevelopment. First, clean government. Second, mastery of technology and third, third entrepreneurship.

    "In addition to other factors, we must unite these three things. This triangle is to move forward," he said.

    According to JK, technological development is a necessity. Therefore, a nation must master technological developments. Likewise with entrepreneurship and clean government.

    "If all three are good, then the nation can progress and we will go there," he said.

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