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    Palestine Solidarity Action Has Collected Rp 327 million


    SUBANG-Solidarity Action for Palestinians in Subang, West Java had succeed to collect Rp 327.313.000 million plus 3 rings of gold. It was a collecting funds from donors who attended the event of West Java Palestine Solidarity Roadshow which took place in the Great Mosque of Al-Mushabaqah Subang, Wednesday (23/03/2016).

    The accumulation of these funds is a seriousness of the Indonesian nation is determined to fight for Palestinian independence from Israeli occupation.

    In this activities was present Palestinian cleric, Sheikh Abdurrahim MA Shehab who explained the last condition of Palestinians who often receive the brutality of the Israeli Army in the form of interference worship, shooting with firearms and the hit to the Palestinians. Violations actions of human rights (HAM) is still ongoing with the cruelties that are rampant.

    Then he also revealed the existence of the Al-Aqsa mosque which has being threatened by Israeli businesses that appeared to have made a tunnel under the Al-Aqsa Mosque is filled by immoral activities. This condition is rarely shown by the international media.

    "We hope the Indonesian people to get information directly instead of the world's media in conveying information," he said.

    For the distribution of the funds entrusted to the National Committee of the Palestinian People of West Java are directly delivered intact to the Palestinians.

    The activities supported by Rohis Subang Forum, FPI, the Indonesian Muslim Student Action Union (KAMMI), Community One Day One Juz (ODOJ), goweser of Ash-Shifa and Youth and Adolescent Network Masjid Indonesia (JPRMI) Subang.

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