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    Declaration of Hitting the Hoax and the Laskar Pelangi Chant Enlivened the Sarling Agenda at SMAN 1 Majalengka


    MAJALENGKA - Hundreds of State SHS students in Majalengka Regency read anti-hoax declarations as a shared attitude to fight hoaxes that are increasingly circulating in the community, especially through social media.

    The declaration was led directly by the Mother of Literacy who was also the wife of the Governor of West Java Atalia Kamil and other invited guests were also present. Present at the event was the Regent of Majalengka Regency Because of Sobahi and Head of the Communication and Information Agency of Setiaji, Tuesday (9/4/2019).

    After the declaration all those present then sang along with the song by Nidji entitled Laskar Pelangi. Previously Atalia provided motivation for school children who had attended to fill the school field.

    "Children must have high goals. Stock must be enough, from parents, teachers and other good people. Maximize your potential," she said excitedly.

    According to Atalia, it is not always easy to reach goals, but the first step that must be started to achieve those goals. He told me how difficult it was when struggling with a husband when he reached his dream of living in America.

    "Indonesia is not known, especially ITB. But with the ability and willingness to continue, tirelessly, it can finally be successful until now," she said.

    She asked students to never stop learning and increase interest in reading. Because with a lot of reading will add intelligence as well as can counteract hoax news.

    "I also ask my children to spread the word, think first before sharing," she said.

    The mother of literacy also asks that children always be alert and not easily tempted by free association and drugs.

    In the same place the Regent of Majalengka Because Sobahi added that motivation for youth is very much needed especially for the regency.

    "We now have a larger population of youths, the motivation needed to reach Majalengka Raharja towards West Java is the Born and Inner Champion," she said.

    Likewise, the Head of the Ministry of Communication and Information Setiaji said that Sarling was the right tool for disseminating development developments in West Java. Besides being through the internet media face-to-face socialization is also needed.

    "In an average day we see a device up to 5.6 hours. It must be able to limit what is seen. Culture to see the internet must be improved, do not spread hoaxes," he said.

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