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    Excellent Service, Gedung Sate Launches Completely Completed TRC


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government (Provincial Government) through the West Java Regional Secretariat General Bureau launched a Completely Completely Fast Reaction Team (TRC) that guarantees excellent comfort and service at facilities in Gedung Sate.

    West Java Provincial Secretary (West Java Regional Secretary) Iwa Karniwa introduced a team that has a work scope in the Gedung Sate area on the Regional Secretariat in the Gedung Sate yard on Monday (04/08/19).

    "The team consisting of 16 personnel and a coordinator is tasked with ensuring that the facilities in Gedung Sate run well and ensure that nothing can hamper ASN's activities in carrying out service tasks to the community," he said.

    According to him, this TRC has a scope of work that includes cleanliness, landscapes, electricity and water networks, construction, telephone and internet. Iwa himself expressed his appreciation for the service breakthrough carried out by the General Bureau, claiming to have felt 'agility' in handling complaints submitted even before the official introduction of the TRC.

    In a separate place, Iip Hidajat, Head of the General Secretariat of West Java, said that their innovations were in accordance with the fighting spirit of the General Bureau, which made Gedung Sate comfortable and pleasant. "This TRC also serves facilities managed by the General Bureau, including the Pakuan State Building and so on," he said.

    TRC services can be accessed via the Whatsapp message application to number 081910512211 with the format of order # work unit name # complaint # suggestion.

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