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    West Java Prepares Regional Action Plans to Overcome TBC


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government continues to state its commitment to tuberculosis prevention by launching the Regional Action Plan (RAD) of TBC to coincide with the commemoration of West Java TBC Day at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (8/4).

    West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa said Indonesia had joined in ratifying the TBC elimination agreement in 2030, so that the government and the community needed hard work to eradicate TBC completely.

    "Now is the time for Indonesia to be free from TBC, West Java free from TBC, starting with me," he said.

    He said that everyone needs to examine himself to find out whether he has contracted or not, because most TBC cases are known after being seriously ill.

    Now, in Indonesia there are around 840 thousand TBC patients, of which 120 are in West Java. But only 50 percent are undergoing treatment, the rest need to be encouraged to seek treatment.

    "The problem is that you don't want to go to treatment, just get treatment if it's already severe. So starting from yourself check TBC, "he said.

    At present, only five regions already have plans for action on TBC areas, Iwa hopes that all regions in West Java will also follow.

    Meanwhile the West Java Health Office has carried out various activities to reduce TBC patients. For example, examining more than 800 people with TBC symptoms in nine areas in West Java. Of these, 41 were positive for TBC.

    West Java Health Office also continues to disseminate information related to efforts to prevent and treat TBC disease. Because it takes a long time for sufferers to be free of tuberculosis. Besides launching, the event was continued with a talk show. Jo

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