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    West Java Provincial Government Introduces Pergub Blueprint for Eradicating TB


    BANDUNG REGENCY - The West Java Provincial Government strengthens its commitment to eradicate tuberculosis (TBC) in Governor Regulation No. 12 of 2019 concerning Regional Action Plans (RAD) for the Prevention and Control of TB in West Java.

    The Governor Regulation signed by Governor Ridwan Kamil for the first time was socialized to the public at the commemoration of the World Tuberculosis Day at West Java Province in Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Monday (04/08/2019).

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa who opened the event said that the Pergub was born against the background of the fact that currently there are only five districts / cities in West Java that have RAD. Which is Bandung City, Bandung Regency, Bogor Regency, and Cirebon City.

    It is hoped that this governing body can stimulate 22 other regions to immediately have a blueprint for TBC control. "We will encourage 22 other regencies / cities to have RAD in the form of regent or mayor regulations," he said.

    The Secretary explained, this RAD includes strategic steps to eradicate tuberculosis, starting from socialization, public education, early detection through examination, to complete treatment assistance for people who are positive for TBC.

    According to him, out of 842,000 new cases of TBC in Indonesia, around 127,000 cases are in West Java. Of the 127,000 cases, only 50 percent have been treated. TBC knows no age, gender, social status, occupation and race.

    "Earlier it was delivered from the Correctional Institution and Indonesian State Army, after being checked it turned out there were also those who were affected by TBC. "In terms of this identification, we have become a focus to directly deal with people affected by TBC," explained Iwa.

    He is grateful that West Java already has RAD so that the eradication of TBC in West Java is more directed and legal. "Alhamdulillah in West Java there is already a regional action plan which is a step towards resolving so that tuberculosis is lost on this West Java earth," said Iwa.

    It was announced at the commemoration of the West Java World Tuberculosis Day that the West Java Health Service had examined 8,369 residents in nine regencies / cities. The officers found 873 of them showed symptoms of tuberculosis, while 41 others were positive.

    Officers also inspected various risky places such as Islamic boarding schools, TNI-POLRI dormitories, and community institutions or detention centers. The result was that the officers found 57 TBC positive people.

    "Examinations in risk places include boarding schools, TNI-POLRI dormitories, and detention centers. In all three places, TBC patients were found in prison 5 people from 58 were examined, in pesantren 47 people from 1,210 santri, and in the TNI-POLRI found also 5 people, "said Secretary of the West Java Provincial Health Office Uus Sukmara

    According to Uus, the commemoration of World TBC Day is important to increase public awareness and awareness of the dangers of TBC. This disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis must be the main issue on all fronts.

    In order to strengthen the commitment to control TBC, all stakeholders must contribute to various prevention and control programs, information dissemination, and actively involve all parties in the TBC program.

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