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    Ahead of the Election, Bawaslu Cooperates with West Java Saber Hoaks Team


    BANDUNG - Sapu Bersih Team (Saber) Hoaks West Java Provincial Government will be involved by the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) West Java to oversee the vulnerability of fraud, especially in the cool off period ahead of the upcoming April 17 presidential election and legislative elections. The team consisting of IT experts is able to detect false news in digital content.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, they along with Bawaslu want maximum election supervision so that people enjoy calmly without negative things that harm the value of democracy.

    "We ensure that together with Bawaslu there are no things that deviate from the rules, I leave it in the cool off period so that no one physically or digitally injures us. How do we monitor it, we involve the Saber Hoaks Team," the governor said after having an audience with the West Java Bawaslu in the Building Sate Bandung, Monday (04/08/19).

    According to Emil - the Governor's nickname - in the future, it is not guaranteed that false news in digital content, especially on social media, will not occur. But in those days it was very vulnerable to fraud.

    "This team (Saber Hoaks) has handled hundreds of false news content and 70% of it is about politics. We want the cool off period to be a reflection of the people to make their choices without being possessed by false news," he said.

    Emil hopes, at this time until the voting and ballot counting run smoothly in all regions in West Java. For this reason, they continue to coordinate with Bawaslu, KPU and the security forces.

    "Do not let there be money politics, the politicization of mosques should not happen, the negligence on the voting day and the results of the ballot boxes until the sub-district should not be disturbed," he ordered.

    Head of West Java Bawaslu Abdullah Dahlan said, one of the tasks of Bawaslu was to ensure the electoral process was not disturbed by interests through hoax news, speeches of hate and transactional politics. According to him the Saber hoax team will strongly support its performance in terms of prevention of fraud.

    "West Java Provincial Government Saber Hoax will strongly support our work in prevention earlier," he said.

    In addition, to ensure a safe and smooth atmosphere ahead of the voting day, they will also conduct surveillance patrols in each region.

    "We have surveillance patrols on the cool off week because there can be no more campaigns and invitations," Abdullah said.

    He hopes that West Java will become a barometer of success in the implementation of the 2019 elections. West Java itself is the region with the highest number of Permanent Voters List (DPT) in Indonesia, namely 33.3 million people. West Java Bawaslu has HR as many as 151,782 people. Among them, 5400 staff members and 146,360 personnel spread across the Provincial, Regency, City, Pamwascam Bawaslu, Village / Urban Village Panwas and TPS supervisors.

    "So all the polling stations will have their supervisors to ensure supervision at the polling station level is guarded and will synergize with witnesses from political parties," he said.

    The polling stations throughout West Java amount to 138,000.

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