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    National’ Benefit is More Priority Than Global Interests


    BANDUNG-The government’s task should always keep the main priority of the community benefit than the interests of investors, especially foreigners who often have their own interests.

    In the case of applications vs regular taxi for example, it refers to the services that meet the law which concerning on institutions who have a lot of workers and families who depend on them.

    Even so, the existing service should be improved so that not even depressed by innovation. The focus of the functions of government itself is not involved directly determining the mechanism of price or market rates, but the regulating order to keep fairness and condusivity to occur.

    It thus stated by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan when receiving a candidate of head of Telkom University Alumni Forum (FAST) Ahmad Rahmat Nugraha in Pakuan, Saturday (26/3) night.

    "The literature I've read, if the invasion had done with land tenure, now the invasion could have been through global investors. As taught by Islam, we should not reject them, but we must always protect the national interest," he said.

    According to him, the protection is considered necessary because the agenda of global investors do not always benefit of local communities. Indonesia just be the production site for cheap wages duties, but thus low tax imposition circumvented. In fact, the products/services soared after entering the international market.

    In addition, other agenda absorption also occurs when local data is taken by fully global investors operating in Indonesia. One day, the data can be used for the benefit of a larger business.

    According to Aher, it’s necessary for the protection of national businesses still exist, moreover they has paid taxes and meet regulations. Do not even foreign investors could circumvent taxation while local players in the country more frustrations.

    Ahmad Rahmat Nugraha added, sovereignty increasingly vital data and information at this time because the global trends show business trends monetisation of data and information on a country to increase the market value of a company.

    "We need a lot of studies on cross-sector masterplan after global investors crowded entrance in Indonesia, especially in information technology-based business communications (ICT). Do not let this chance taken by global investors," he said.

    Candidates of FAST Chairman revealed Deloitte Research (2015) in Australia shows, intelligent transportation services-based applications proved to be the most powerful lower customs duties either search for the passenger/driver.

    This makes the service rates 20% lower than a regular taxi because there is no gasoline runs for waiting the passengers. Passengers was disadvantaged if calculated reached 81.1 million US dollars/year.

    "Another interesting thing, according to Deloitte, that more people are interested to use because of the demand created virally. So the market is there for the digital lifestyle change, not merely because of its application are provided," he added.

    Thus, he said, the transport masterplan to be seen again. It could be that there is now not anticipate new form of transportation. Masterplan must be adapted to the changing times and demands of the people of Indonesia all-digital and connected in many virtual networks.

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