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    National Nutrition Day, Regional Secretary: 1,000 First Days of Life Important Prevent Stunting


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary of West Java Province (Secretary of West Java) Iwa Karniwa reminded that 1,000 First Days of Life (HPK) are very important to realize young mothers and fathers to prevent stunting or tenderness in children.

    West Java Provincial Government has an interest in the HPK campaign because health is a major investment in the development of Pasundan Earth.

    Iwa said when opening the 59th anniversary of the National Nutrition Day at the West Java Province in 201 at the Patra Comfort Hotel, Bandung, Saturday (04/06/19).

    According to Iwa, the first day of a human life starts from the womb until the child is two years old. This period is a golden period to create a generation of free quality stunting and other nutritional problems.

    "Interventions in this period should not be ignored. Because it determines the level of physical growth, intelligence and productivity of a person, "said Iwa.

    Accuracy and other nutritional problems are still a health threat in the West Java city district. The provincial government together with the district and city governments managed to reduce the stunting rate by 4.2 percent in five years.

    Based on the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the prevalence of West Java stunting in 2013 was 35.3 percent while in 2018 it dropped to 31.1 percent. The West Java Provincial Government targets the stunting rate for the next five years to be below 20 percent.

    Therefore, Iwa asked various stakeholders to carry out their respective roles and functions by prioritizing commitment, campaign continuity, program convergence, nutritious food access, and program monitoring.

    "Furthermore, these efforts need to synergize with the global food system through the application of balanced nutrition patterns to achieve food and nutrition security. Agricultural and environmental development must also be integrated, "said Iwa.

    In the same place, Head of the Public Health Division of the West Java Provincial Health Office, Sri Sudarti, hopes that the National Nutrition Day will be a spirit to invite the public to have healthy and clean life behaviors everyday. So that later the life expectancy of West Java people in 2023 increased from now 72.9 years to 76 years.

    According to Sri, the 59th anniversary of the West Java Provincial Nutrition Day took place two days 6 - 7 April 2019. The first day was filled with activities that increased the capacity of the health department and the nutritionist union in the district / city.

    While the second day will take place in the Dago CFD area, Bandung, which will be filled with services for social activities, health services, and nutritional counseling to the community.

    At the commemoration of the National Nutrition Day, the West Java Provincial Government gave an award to Bogor Regency for having management of Electronic Data Coverage The best recording of Community Based Nutrition Reporting (E-PPGBM) with the criteria that all puskesmas had included the most pregnant and toddler data.

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