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    Micro Wakaf Bank Coming Soon to 8,000 Islamic Boarding Schools


    BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil has declared that all Islamic boarding schools in West Java will have micro waqf banks. In collaboration with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the micro waqf bank is believed to be able to improve people's lives.

    "We will implement this micro waqf bank in all pesantren in West Java. This is our full support for the OJK. That way someday rich people will get rich, but the ones below must be carried away. Don't get richer, but the ones below will remain below. Islam must prosper everything, "said the Governor after inaugurating Persis 84 Micro-Wakaf Bank, on Jalan Ciganitri, Bandung Regency, Saturday (04/06/19).

    Emil, the Governor's nickname, calculates that currently in West Java there are 8,000 Islamic boarding schools where the majority of residents and surrounding residents are not economically capable or mediocre. If each pesantren has a micro waqf bank with 3,000 customers, then it is estimated that there will be 24 million poor citizens who increase their welfare.

    "In West Java there are eight thousand Islamic boarding schools, imagine one pesantren has a micro waqf bank with three thousand customers per pesantren, then 3,000 times 8,000 have been 24 million. Originally the intention of the citizens is to raise their standard of living," he said.

    The West Java Provincial Government presents a micro waqf bank to prevent access to financial loans from residents to loan sharks. Because the micro waqf bank provides financial loans without interest. "So there is no reason for no access to funding, this also prevents (borrows) from moneylenders," Emil said.

    Micro waqf bank, continued Emil, is a development in the financial economy sector in West Java with an Islamic spirit. The aim is to improve people's welfare by not only being enjoyed by a group of people.

    "We have zakat, alms, infaq and waqf. All of them are for mutual welfare so that there is no economic imbalance," Emil said.

    Micro Endowment Bank Exactly 84 Ciganitri is not the first. Previously waqf banks were present in the Cirebon, Ciamis, Garut, Sukabumi and Cianjur regions.

    The Chairman of the OJK Commissioner Wimboh Santoso who attended the event said, OJK wanted to contribute more optimally to development in West Java, especially the financial sector.

    "West Java is very important and also a national indicator, the population is also the largest, so we must pay attention to West Java," he said.

    In accordance with the mandate, OJK is given the task of ensuring financial services must be enjoyed by all levels of society, especially small economies. Wimboh believes that the middle to upper economic community already knows how to use the financial services sector.

    "But if our small community is still unsure. This is the community we are targeting, because there are large numbers and the majority are Muslims," ??he said.

    According to Wim, the pesantren was chosen as the basis for the movement of the micro waqf bank because the majority were located in a small community environment. Making it easier for people to reach financial access.

    "OJK must be present and side with the small community so that we use Islamic boarding schools because this is the best and (most relatively) close place," he said.

    Wim invites the public to use micro waqf banks in Islamic boarding schools without fear of being caught in a debt of interest. "Please the public to come because the loan to the waqf bank without interest is only an administrative fee," he concluded. (*)

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