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    Pindad Holds Fun Walk with Minister of SOEs


    BANDUNG - Minister of BUMN, Rini Soemarno, was also present at the commemoration of the 21st Anniversary of the Ministry of BUMN as well as the Anniversary of BUMN at Gedung Sate, Bandung. The event was arranged with a Fun Walk which was also attended by the Deputy Chief of Staff, TNI Lt. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman, West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, Mayor of Bandung, Oded Muhammad Danial and Managing Director of Pindad, Abraham Mose, Directors, Commissioners and various BUMN employees on Saturday, April 5 2019 on the Gedung Sate page, Bandung.

    The BUMN 2019 Anniversary Fun Walk which is also included in the series of the 36th Pindad Anniversary, covered a distance of 5 KM and was attended by thousands of participants consisting of Pindad employees and their families, BUMN employees, BUMNs millennial and the general public.

    Fun walk routes also pass through Cibeunying Park which is the location of the inauguration of Panzer Monument which is marked by the signing of an inscription by the Minister of BUMN.

    PT Pindad's Managing Director, Abraham Mose, said the Anoa Panzer monument which was handed over by Pindad as a form of social responsibility as well as a symbol of pride for the citizens of West Java, especially the city of Bandung as the location of manufactured defense equipment in this country.

    "This Anoa 6x6 Panzer is the pride of the Indonesian people because it is produced domestically by the sons and daughters of Indonesia, namely Pindad and has been tested for its quality because it has been used by the TNI to maintain the sovereignty of NKRI and operate in UN peace missions in various countries," Abraham said told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (6/4/2019)

    The BUMN Minister is also scheduled to sign an inscription on a munition production facility that aims to increase production capacity, namely, the Building of the Assembling Process of the Munition Kal. 5.56 mm, Building Primary Composition Making Process, Building Primary Loading Process, Tetrazen Process Building, GL-AGL Loading, Assembling and Packing Building, Explosion Chamber Building, GL-AGL Ballistic Laboratory Building.

    Besides that, as a form of Pindad service for the community it was also shown by the submission of various assistance including the assistance of the Pangeruk Dasar Wahangan V1 machine (Pandawa V1), home surgery assistance, free electricity connection assistance, MCK facilities, plastic counting machines, and development assistance for clean water facilities .

    Not only that, as a form of concern for the environment, Pindad, Dahana, Indah Karya, Inti and Len handed over 21,000 trees to symbolize the 21st BUMN Anniversary and symbolically signed the Kamojang Conservation Area inscription by the Governor of West Java. Jo

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