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    Minister of SOEs Inaugurates Coworking Space Facility and Air-Conditioned Locomotive at Ka Station


    BANDUNG - Accommodating the interests of the community, especially the millennial generation who tend to be creative and dynamic, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) provides Coworking Space facilities at various stations. The inauguration of Coworking Space was carried out by BUMN Minister Rini M Soemarno accompanied by KAI President Director Edi Sukmoro at Bandung Station, Saturday (6/4).

    "The Coworking Space facility is intended to make it easier for passengers who want to work in a comfortable space while at the station before or after taking the train," said Edi Sukmoro.

    Edi added, currently, the Coworking Space facility is on 9 stations and in the future it will be presented at various other stations.

    To use Coworking Space, passengers simply indicate the boarding pass with the date of departure or arrival on the same day. Every Coworking Space visitor can use this facility to work for a maximum of 2 hours on each visit. For now, the use of the Coworking Space facility at the station is free for passengers.

    "According to KAI's motto that You Are Our Priority, KAI answers the challenges of KAI customers in terms of services from A to Z, including for Coworking Space facilities. "The railway station as one of the centers of community activities should have this facility as a form of improving service to loyal users of railroad transportation modes," said Edi Sukmoro.

    On the same occasion, BUMN Minister Rini M Soemarno also inaugurated the operation of CC 203 95 04 locomotives that had been equipped with air conditioning. Through Yogyakarta Yasa Hall, KAI modified the locomotive cabin so that it now has air conditioning. The installed air conditioner has a cooling capacity of ± 8,000 Kcal and a power of ± 3,000 watts that is able to withstand the heat from the weather and engine locomotives.

    AC on this locomotive is a domestic product with a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) reaching 57.69%. This is important in order to create the competency of the industry supporting railways in Indonesia.

    This air-conditioned locomotive is expected to increase the comfort of the engineer so that he can concentrate more on duty. In addition, this air-conditioned cabin is also important for driver safety to provide coolness in the cabin during service. Previously, the engineer had to open the cabin window of the locomotive so that it was prone to being hit by stones by irresponsible individuals.

    Of the 251 CC 201, CC 202, CC 203 and CC 204 series locomotives owned by KAI, AC is currently installed at 17 locomotives from the 2019 program as many as 28 locomotives. Furthermore, KAI plans to install air conditioners on all locomotive fleets.

    "KAI as a state-owned transportation service provider certainly prioritizes the element of safety for passengers and crew on trains. With the addition of air conditioning to the cabin of the locomotive, it is expected to increase the safety factor of train travel, "said Edi Sukmoro. Jo

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