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    SOEs Minister Appreciates Innovation of PT KAI


    BANDUNG - Launch of Coworking Space and AC Locomotive at Satsiun Bandung received appreciation from BUMN Minister Rin M Soewarno. According to her, the innovation will bring the effect of change towards better need to get support.

    "Now the majority of the needs of riding trains are different. Not just transportation but also other things, such as for business, work, even just coffee, there are many other reasons," she said Saturday at the Bandung Station (6/4).

    He said that the management of PT KAI was very aware of the changes so that various innovations including opening locations for work, business and even surfing the internet, namely Coworking Space. There are nine stations that now have similar places.

    "Now a lot of millennials are riding trains, I am observant about this move by PT KAI," he said.

    While related to AC Locomotives he also appreciated because all this time the engineer worked without air conditioning while carrying passenger cars which were all air-conditioned.

    "Hopefully with this new facility, the engineer will not get tired so quickly that he will always carry passengers," she said. Jo

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