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    Aher Socialise the PON XIX in Karawang


    KARAWANG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), Chairman of the TP PKK West Java Netty Prasetyani Heryawan, and the Regent Karawang Cellica Nurrachadiana and her Deputy Akhmad Zamakhsyari (Jimmy) was exercising with fun walk together with thousands of Karawang community with the theme "Fun Walk to Health Indonesia and Jabar Kahiji" which organised by Karawang Bekasi Express, in Karangpawitan Square, Karawang, Sunday morning (03/27/16).

    At the event, the Governor also socialised the National Sports Week (PON) XIX and Peparnas XV that be held in 15 municipalities in West Java, in September 2016. In front of thousands of people in Karawang, Aher campaigned PON as the biggest and best in history of West Java. With the target of ‘4 Key success', which are the successful implementation, successful achievements, successful economy, and successful administration.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, at the same time it had been mentioned that in West Java in 2016 will become the host of PON XIX. Insyaalah, we will work hard, and many numbers of match will be held in Karawang particularly, especially in Situ Cipule. It will compete for 40 gold medals. Hopefully West Java will become the General Champion,” said Aher.

    According to Aher, after 51 years it wasn't held in West Java, PON this time will bring about 9,000 spectators and officials, 10 Branch of Sports exhibitions, 44 Branch Sports, 61 locations venue in 15 districts/cities, 2,472 medals and 1,372 match. It will bring 3,000 journalists from around the world.

    Meanwhile, the opening and closing ceremonies will take place by featuring a colossal dance with 7,000 dancers who will combine the arts of West Java in particular and Indonesia in general. In addition, thousands of volunteers PON is also ready to help the success of this four annual events.

    Aher also said the construction of the entire venue of the match will be completed entirely in early semester 2016 or no later than June 2016. He also has prepared various preparations other support such as transport and accommodation for athletes and officials.

    "I often say to friends that the venue which is often asked will be completed during the first semester in 2016. So in June 2016 has been fully completed, and then the other preparation, such as transportation, accommodation, administration, and other issues has been prepared well,” he said.

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