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    Deputy Governor, Uu Initiated Establishment of Santri Association in West Java


    BANDUNG REGENCY-- To realize the goals of a champion boarding school in West Java, Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum initiated the formation of the Santri Association or IKSAN. The first Iksan was present in the Bandung Regency region and the inauguration was carried out directly by Uu.

    The formation of Iksan was based on Uu's wish that santri could be strengthened in an organization. Thus the santri have the strength and togetherness to create a champion boarding school in West Java.

    "The aim of the establishment of the Santri Association is for santri to have united powers such as to create a champion boarding school, the santri becomes strong," Uu said in his greeting when he established Iksan Bandung Regency which coincided with the 19th Wahdatut Tauhid Islamic Boarding School in Bojong Reungas Village Majaserta, Majalaya District, Bandung Regency, Thursday (4/4/19).

    Furthermore, Uu hopes that Iksan will become a forum to develop the mindset and insight of the santri. Uu considers that santri currently only exist in Islamic boarding schools, but santri have not been heard in other parts of life, such as politics, economics, and various others.

    "Hopefully with this santri association especially in West Java, santri have the power, santri take part in everything," hoped Uu.

    "With this Iksan, santri take part in the political sector, in the economic part, so that santri can become pioneers in everything in West Java," he added.

    For this reason, on this occasion Uu asked students to improve their skills, such as English language skills. According to Uu it was important to deliver peaceful Islam throughout the world.

    "I hope students should be able to open their mindsets, open their insights, students must be close to the government. Secondly, santri must also be able to speak other (foreign) languages, must be able to speak English. Because English is a language used by the world, "asked Uu.

    "Convey Islam to the world with hospitability and goodness, convey Islam to the world with rahmatan lil'alamin," he said.

    Santri in West Java currently have the opportunity to improve their English skills. The West Java Provincial Government cooperates with the British Embassy and the British Council to hold an English for Ulama program which can be followed by santri and ulama from all over West Java.

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