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    Seskoau Pasis A-56 Holds the First Symposium Also Involves the State Base


    Penseskoau, 56th Student Officer held the First Symposium entitled "The Indonesian Air Force's Role to hold Air Operations in the context of Military Operations for war" also involving Pasis Manca Negara taking place at the Srutasala building in the Seskoau Lembang campus on Thursday (4/4). The symposium was opened directly by Danseskoau Marsda TNI Donny Ermawan, T, .M.D.S. Besides being attended by Wadan Seskoau Marsma TNI Jemi Trisonjaya, M. Tr. (Han) also attended by officials at the level of Directors, Kapus Oyu, Kadep, Dankorsis, Lecturers, Patrons and other Officers. While. This symposium activity is one of the educational materials of the A-56 Seskoau Pasis under the auspices of the Operations Department led by Nav Colonel. Irman Fathurahman, S.E ,. M.M.
    According to Danseskoau, as we know that the symposium is a meeting forum to review or collect and compare several points of view on a subject matter by presenting resource persons and expressing opinions about the issues raised. For that as an educational institution, Seskoau also scheduled the implementation of a symposium so that the Pasis could also improve their understanding and experience in carrying out a scientific meeting he said. It was further said, that the symposium this time will discuss the theme "The Air Force's Role to Organize Air Operations in the Context of Military Operations for War". The theme was chosen as a preparation to face the Yudha Matra I Exercise which will be held next week, the 8th day. April 12, 2019.
    Therefore, carry out this symposium with full sincerity and the best. I hope the Pasis can give a response, opinion or suggestion to the presentation that will be delivered by the Panelists so that Pasis can benefit as much as possible at this symposium. This is done to make it easier for the Pasis to carry out the Yudha I Matra later, so that they can achieve the expected goals and can run well and smoothly. Hopefully, hopefully the 56th Seskoau Student Officer symposium agenda can be carried out smoothly so that it will increase the knowledge and insights of the education participants firmly.
    In this symposium, there were panelists, namely Colonel Pilot Rachmad Syah Lubis, S.T., M.Sc, who presented material about the Air Defense Operation, Colonel Pilot Atang Sudrajat about the operation of strategic airstrikes, Colonel Pnb Dedy Ilham S about operations against offensive air. Salam, S. Sos, Colonel Pilot Eko Sujatmiko about air support operations, and Colonel Lek Wachid Alchamdani Zen about information warfare. A total of 113 Pasis Seskaou who participated in this symposium consisted of the Indonesian Air Force Men's Base, 8 Pasis Wara people. 2 Base People of the Indonesian Army, 2 Base of Indonesian Navy and 7 National Armed Forces are running orderly and smoothly

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