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    West Java Provincial Government Seeks CSR Funds for Dredging Cisolok Fish Port


    JAKARTA - The West Java provincial government is trying to find corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds to help the Sukabumi regency dredge up the fishing boat shelter in Cisolok Fish Port, Sukabumi Regency.

    Sedimentation is a classic problem for Cisolok fishermen because fishing boats cannot be parked in a holding pond. Mud material leaves only 10 percent of the inner area out of a total of 4 hectares of vessel storage ponds.

    As a result of severe sedimentation, fishing boats must be moored at the Nusantara Harbor located far from the mainland. Many fishermen are forced to swim from ships to land.

    "This is a short-term effort," said West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa after the Cisolok Port Development Coordination Meeting at the Maritime Coordinating Ministry Building, Jalan MH Thamrin Number 8, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (04/2/19).

    The provincial government, said Iwa, will look for corporate and state-owned CSR funds so that the distribution does not depend on APBD or APBN. "Now hopefully we look for alternatives. At least how to dredge does not use APBD or APBN. Hopefully, Mr. Luhut (Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs) and the Deputy for Infrastructure could coordinate with the Ministry of BUMN, perhaps there is still CSR, "said Iwa.

    "By doing the dredging, at least small vessels under 10JT can park. Meanwhile, some of these small vessels are parked at Nusantara Harbor so that the time is long, high cost too, "said Iwa.

    According to Iwa, for the past 10 years the Sukabumi Regency Government and the West Java Provincial Government have spent Rp.42 billion to dredge a boat holding pool, but still not enough. "Now if it is to be built to completion it will require Rp141 billion," said Iwa.

    In addition to the shelter pool, coordination meetings also discussed the progress of the construction of the Cisolok Fish Port. Sukabumi Regency Government has given a feasibility study to the Maritime Coordinating Ministry, just waiting for a review including the pattern of development and design.

    According to Iwa, fishing ports that are more organized without sedimentation are expected to increase fishermen's income four to five times.

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