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    World Autism Day, Secretary of West Java: This is the Momentum of Harmonizing Empathy


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government of West Java Province together with the Indonesian Foundation of Biruku commemorated World Autism Day on a Light It Up Blue event in Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street, Bandung, Tuesday (2/4/19) night.

    West Java Provincial Secretary (Secretary of West Java) Iwa Karniwa officially opened the memorial which was held globally every April 2. According to Iwa, this autism care day is a momentum to build empathy for others, because empathy and support is very important for an autistic person to always be creative.

    The Secretary appreciates all tutors and parents who always provide inclusive education to autistic children. Iwa also immediately gave empathy to autistic children amid limited funds and facilities.

    "This is all in order to appreciate parents who continuously, together, educate their children so that finally with that special education (autistic children) can be close to normal," said Iwa, who was met after opening the event.

    The important thing to do now, continued Iwa, is that all stakeholders are in one atmosphere to bring that sense of empathy to parents and autistic children. "Thus all citizens, whatever their conditions, contribute to the advancement of West Java," he said.

    Can Be Treated Early

    At the same event, Chairman of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team Atalia Praratya hoped that the momentum of the World Autism Care Day could increase public awareness of the importance of 1,000 First Days of Life (HPK).

    According to her, during the HPK parents must always monitor the development of their children, even starting from a fetus. So that when a child is detected by autism, parents can prepare themselves with proper parenting and other special attention.

    "I hope that actually activities like this are capable of presenting community care, including how the community's awareness regarding the importance of HPK, the first thousand days of life in the family. That the child since he was a fetus must continue to be monitored for its development to a minimum of two years and so on. So parenting for the family is very important, "said Atalia.

    "And when there are children who are detected by autism, it is actually when they get special attention from parents, then they also get certain therapies from the therapists, they can actually eventually return to communicate with their friends," she continued .

    Atalia said, the PKK Driving Team continued to increase cooperation with various groups such as the local government and communities to reach people with disabilities, including autism. "At the moment we are also working with related agencies, how we do data collection. Then we also conducted various trainings including training for parents, "said Atalia.

    In the end, these autistic children were embraced so as not to be alienated from social interaction. "This is so that they can be brought closer to the community. "They can also interact to do things with the community as usual," said Atalia.

    At the commemoration of World Autism Day, the Indonesian Foundation for Biruku gave awards to several social activists as a form of appreciation for what was done.

    Award as West Java Disability Care Figure to Atalia Praratya, Elly Rosita Karniwa (Mother of West Java Disability Care), Esther Miory Dewayani (West Java Disability Care Bureaucrat), Setiawan Sabana (West Java Disability Care Academy), and Asep Hilman (Caring Education Leader) Disability in West Java).

    There were also recipients of the award as interviewees from the mentoring training program for autism roadshows titled "It's All About Autism", namely to Zahara, Yoga Budhi Santoso, and Hendra Rades Puluma.

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