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    Netty Heryawan Inaugurates Dekranasda Chairman of Depok


    DEPOK-PKK Team Leader of West Java Province and Chairman of National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) West Java Province Netty Heryawan inaugurated Elly Farida as Chairman of the PKK and Chairman of Dekranasda Depok period 2016-2021 at Teratai Hall in Depok City Hall, Saturday (26/3/16).

    Netty said the PKK has a meaning as Family Welfare Empowerment, which is a participatory movement involving elements of society in implementing each program. Mainly involve women who mostly take a large role in the process of life then there is no harm to empower women.

    Women has the main role in educating and caring for children as a successor of the nation and of superior quality. "Then it will be spared from the four enemy in families: Drug, Human Trafficking, HIV/Aids and pornography," she said.

    In addition, Netty said Dekranasda has a pattern’s scope in coaching focuses on businesses that are attached to the elements of creativity, art and culture. Then the government should conduct training on businesses to improve the quality and record every product produced in order not duplicated regions and other countries.

    Depok mayor as the coach of PKK and Dekranasda Depok, Mochamad Idris said the PKK and Dekranasda is an important component in regional development. It aims to empower with strong family support and improve the welfare of the community.

    Therefore, there should be synergy with various parties so that any program that can be rolled right on target. "Nor should build a sense of nationalism in protecting and using local produce, which accompanied by improving the quality and marketing strategies in order to compete with other nations and even regions," he hoped.

    Inauguration of PKK and Chairman Dekranasda Depok was attended by Deputy Chairman of TP PKK and Vice Chairman Dekranasda West Java Province Giselawati Mizwar, Chairman of the Depok Parliament Hendrik, Depok Mayor Pradi Supriatna Martadinata who accompanied by his wife Martadinata Catur, Plt. Depok Mayor Arifin Harun Kertasaputra, Chairman of Dekranasda Depok Nur Ajizah Tamhid period 2010-2015, the board of Dekranasda and PKK cadres of Depok City

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