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    Solve The Garbage Problem Thoroughly and Sustainable


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that the provincial government is committed to resolve the problems of garbage which piling up in the Citarum river. He also invited all parties, including the city/local districts and residents to overcome this is-sue.

    It thus revealed when he directly monitor the garbage that impede the flow at Cikapundung river, in the Cijagra village, Bojongsoang District of Bandung regency, on Friday (25/03/16). Aher was also accompanied by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, Commander III Siliwangi Major General Hadi Prasojo, Vice Mayor of Bandung Oded M Danial, Vice Regent of Bandung Gungun Gunawan and related agencies.

    In the stream which is a tributary Citarum, Aher and entourage suddenly surprised to see amount of piles of garbage stuck under the bridge. Aher then dialogue with the people who say that the trash could actually be transported by the combined forces assisted residents using heavy equipment, but the next day the trash came back up.

    "We'll settle this completely and sustainable," said Aher.

    Aher said in addition it comes from industrial waste, piles of garbage in some rivers in Bandung was regardless of role its own citizens who throw garbage into the river. "One solution is do not dispose of waste into the river ahain," said Aher in front of the citizens.

    According to Aher, various measures that have been taken by the government in addressing the problem of garbage such as dredging and dredge rivers, and it will be in vain if their behaviors were not changed.

    In the future, West Java Provincial Government together with the City Government of Bandung, Bandung and West Bandung regency, Siliwangi Military Command III, Dansesko TNI, West Java Police and BBWS Citarum, will cooperate to resolve the waste problem. "We will do it gradually and committed with all the stakeholders, this should be resolved and it must be sustained in order to trash no longer exists," said Aher.

    It could be achieved if the community is no longer throwing the trash into the river. "Hopefully in the next six months it can be realised as long as we all work together," he added.

    The similar view was also visible when the governor and his entourage reviewing a second location on the Citepus river, Cisirung Village, District of Dayeuhkolot. Garbage heaps were also stuck under the bridge of Citepus when it rains very prone to flooding. In this river reddish industrial waste was also seen flowing.

    "Of course, there is law enforcement for the industry who dispose of waste into the river. I reiterate that throwing the industrial waste is quite dangerous, they must obey the rules," said Aher.

    When reviewing the final location of BBS bridge, Cihampelas District of West Bandung regency which is the Citarum river basin, Aher said industrial waste processing should be done communally by a specialised company to handle the waste. It is to separate between industry and Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), so that the sewage treatment will be maximised. "Both the government or private companies, relate to the industrial waste, they have to pay for this WWTP operational," closed Aher.

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