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    Deputy Governor of West Java Encourages Schools to Develop Student Cooperatives


    BEKASI - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum encouraged VHS / SHS / MA in West Java to actively develop school coop. So that the pioneering development of popularism economy has begun as early as possible.

    "At school, we will encourage the growth of the cops or student's coop to provide knowledge, insight, and enthusiasm to the youth generation. Together with the Kopsis, students can understand marketing, capital, bookkeeping, administration, and entrepreneurship," said Uu during the Competency Enhancement activities Entrepreneurship through the School Cooperative which was initiated by the Communication Forum of the Vocational School Principals (FKKSS) of Bekasi City, at the UPT of the Embarkation Hajj Dormitory, Bekasi City, Monday (1/4/19).

    According to Uu, the existence of a school cooperative can be an accelerator of the Java-West-Born-Inner vision mission, especially from an economic aspect. Under the government of Ridwan Kamil - Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, West Java has increased productivity and economic competitiveness of the people who are prosperous and fair. One of its flagship programs is to increase the growth of innovation-based economy.

    Uu continued, With cooperative schools, students will develop their entrepreneurial skills. So that besides instructors, students also have adequate extracurricular skills.

    The cooperative student program is also an attempt by the West Java Provincial Government to negate the millennial and Z generation assumptions that cooperatives are something old and outdated. Student cooperatives will rebranding cooperatives into something popular today.

    For that, said Uu, digital technology adoption is needed so that cooperatives develop into something fresh. Thus the regeneration of cooperatives will be in line with the demands of industry 4.0 and the ideals of the cooperative student champions can be realized, namely the formation of digital cooperatives.

    "Cooperatives can be economic laboratories at the school level, especially high school / vocational / MA. So after graduating from school, graduates in addition to applying for their jobs have provisions. Have a choice to do business because their knowledge is in school," Uu said.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Cooperative and Small Business (KUK) Office Kusmana Hartadji hopes that West Java will become a model for developing student cooperatives in Indonesia. KUK Office encourages more schools to have cooperative students working with the Education Office and other stakeholders.

    "The government is currently boosting the cadre of cooperatives since school. The target is of course the acceleration of the regeneration of cooperative human resources," Kusmana said.

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