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    Digital Village Mission, West Java Governor Will Share the Village in Three Zones


    BANDUNG CITY - To encourage the vision of becoming a digital province in Indonesia, the West Java Provincial Government will focus on developing digital villages. For this reason, Governor Ridwan Kamil will divide the villages in West Java into three zones, namely the red, yellow and green zones.

    "We will give a rating to the villages in West Java, there will be a red zone, a yellow zone, a green zone," Emil said, Ridwan Kamil's nickname after attending the Digital Village Patriot Kick Off event held at Gedung Sate West Hall, Diponegoro Street, Bandung City, Monday (1/4/19).

    Villages with red zones mean that digital existence is not yet present and greet residents in the village. A village with a yellow zone means that the Digitial platform is already present in the village, but not all digital village criteria are met. While villages with green zones mean all elements of communication, public services, infrastructure, trade or digital commerce, until digital-based applications exist and are used by villagers.

    "Hopefully in the five years this digital village vision will be fulfilled with the pentahelix theory or collaboration," Emil hoped.

    Emil hopes the active role of all parties including the private sector in realizing a digital village. The private sector can provide guidance through training on digital use, to help with digital infrastructure.

    This year as many as 500 villages will receive digital infrastructure assistance, which is one of the important criteria for the formation of digital villages. In addition, digital-based villages have the characteristics of digital-based inter-citizen communication, have social media accounts and websites to preach and promote village potential, as well as public services that are carried out digitally.

    "Every village must have an identity, how do we know what they have (village) if there is no information. It's easy to open an account, but the culture of informing activities is not optimal, "Emil said. "By a political order, these villages will have a database, a source of information through the easiest thing is a social media account," Emil continued.

    At the same place, Director of Human Capital Management Telkomsel Irfan A Tachrir is committed to supporting Jabar's digital village program from infrastructure to training. Data from the village zone will determine what assistance Telkomsel will provide.

    "Based on the analysis, how many (zones) are red, how many (zones) are yellow, how many (zones) are green. That will determine where exactly Telkomsel's help is, "said Irfan.

    "For the red one, we support the availability of infrastructure, because it hasn't connected yet. For the yellow one, there is a connection, but maybe the digital culture doesn't exist yet, so we have to give training, "he continued.

    Irfan's said, The training could be in the form of digital related matters, entrepreneurial management training, or training in making packaging for business products.

    Patriot Digital Village

    The city of Bandung became the first point of launching the Digital Village Patriot from Telkomsel. The cities of Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya and Medan will be the next destination. This platform is to explore various village potentials throughout Indonesia.

    Emil hopes that West Java can become a model for digital village development nationally. "The Digital Village Patriot is those who help and carry out digital business activities for products that are present in rural areas. This is managed by Telkomsel, has the same program in several places in Indonesia, "Emil said.

    "West Java, God willing, is the fastest model in this digital village vision," he hoped.

    Through this digital platform, Telkomsel will empower young people in the village to manage and develop business potential in the village.

    "Building a digital community is not easy and not for a moment. So the first thing to change is the mindset of people. Changing the mindset is divided into two, if we want immediate effects, we must empower young people. If there are no youth, what we have to empower is the people we train, "said Irfan.

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