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    Len Industry The Best Technology Innovation Company in the 2019 BUMN Award


    BANDUNG – PT Len Industri (Persero) won the 2019 BUMN Award for the 1st Best Technology Innovation category for the Big Corporate group. The award was received by Operations Director II, Adi Sufiadi Yusuf on Thursday night at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta (28/03).

    The awarding night was attended by Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, Indonesian Minister of Agrarian & Spatial Planning Sofyan Djalil, and Begawan Management Indonesia, Tanri Abeng as chairman of the jury at the annual event which has been held eight times by BUMN Track. In its implementation, BUMN Track is assisted by PPM Manajemen to carry out criteria and research assessments of all participants.

    Adi Sufiadi said, "This achievement can strengthen the branding of our company as a reliable and trusted technology innovation company. Proud and happy must feel, and hopefully it can be a spirit to work and innovate better in the future. "

    Akhmad Kusaeni, Editor in Chief of BUMN Track in his speech said that this prestigious award was given to SOEs and CEOs of SOEs for their work and performance. The performance of BUMN continues to grow, earning income of Rp2,339 trillion in 2018 with net income reaching Rp. 188 trillion. Realized revenue rose 10.45% from the previous year with 1.07% profit growth.

    In his speech, Tanri Abeng said, the award this time only classifies BUMN into 2 groups. There is no difference between the child and the parent company, the child can be bigger than the parent. First is an emerging group, this is for Emerging SOEs that can still continue to grow. The second is big corporate, for large and more complex BUMNs, among others, who already have sales above Rp. 3 trillion.

    Still according to Tanri, the HR aspect of the company is a very prominent part of the BUMN and CEO of BUMN who were selected as winners. Three things that should not be forgotten in building superior HR are Discover, Develop, Deploy or 3D.

    The two groups are each divided into 7 winning categories. That is the best GCG category, the best growth strategy, the best technological innovation, the best talent development, the best global competitiveness, the best organizational transformation, and the best of the best. While the best CEO of BUMN consists of the best visionary categories, the best strategic orientation, the best driving execution, and the best talent development.

    Eight (8) areas that are assessed are growth & transformation, corporate governance (GCG), technological innovation, global expansion, customer management, talent development (HR), risk management, and stakeholder relations. (Even)

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