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    Director of Bulog's Public Lecture


    BANDUNG - Managing Director of Bulog Budi Waseso invited students from the University of Majalengka (Unma), West Java, to have the spirit of becoming the leader of a world-class company but still had the spirit of nationalism in favor of the interests of the people.

    "Globalization that is currently underway likes to or not. And the generation who are most prepared to take advantage of the situation are millennials including Majalengka students, "Budi Waseso said in front of students and academics from Majalengka University on Thursday (28/3), as broadcast by the West Java Bulog Public Relations today.

    The Director of Bulog is present at Majalengka University in the context of the activities of "BUMN Goes to Campus" as an effort to motivate and inspire millennial young people to be able to become quality future leaders and bring progress to the nation and country.

    On that occasion Budi Waseso became the main resource person for BUMN Goes to Campus who conveyed the vision, mission and Role of Bulog in realizing food sovereignty based on company values, namely: Integrity, Professionalism, Dynamic, Caring, and Totality.

    "Bulog carries out the mandate of the Law to maintain the availability of staple food in all corners of the country to be easily obtained by the people and as a national reserve. Bulog must also ensure that the prices of staple foods are affordable to the people and stable and the quality of staple food is well maintained. This trust requires the cooperation of all parties, including the campus academics, "said Budi.

    The BUMN Goes to Campus activity entitled "The Event of Sharing Experience and Sharing of Inspiration from Indonesian SOEs for Young Generation" was attended by the Deputy of Business Restructuring and Development of the Ministry of SOEs, Director of Public Housing and Staff, Asda II Majalengka Regency, Majalengka District Muspida, Chancellor of the University of Majalengka and its staff, as well as the millennial generation of Majalengka University.

    The series of BUMN Goes to Campus events included a number of competition events starting from the activities of "Got Talent", Video-blogging (Vlog) and Future CEO followed by Sobat Bulog who was a student in Majalengka. In addition, another activity is the cheap nine basic necessities market which can be purchased by downloading the "Linkaja" application.

    After inspiring students, in the prize sharing session for the champions, the Director of BULOG spontaneously conducted a "selfie" together with the millennial campus, chancellor and guest stars on the BGTC event stage.

    On this occasion, Bulog through its Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provided development assistance "UNMA BULOG Mart" to Majalengka University and educational assistance for 20 outstanding students with a total value of Rp100 million.

    "This is part of the SOE's social responsibility, Bulog must participate in encouraging an increase in the entrepreneurial spirit of the campus academics by providing adequate facilities," said Budi Waseso.

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